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M6 Mega Strategy Guide: New Marauder’s Set
One of the more impactful changes in Patch 2.1.2 brought reworked set bonuses to the very popular Demon Hunter item set, Embodiment of the Marauder. Marauder’s, or M6 for short, refers to the six piece set bonus that enables the otherwise useless Sentry skill to become a kick ass tool fueling the Demon Hunter’s greatest […]
Rift Map Bugs and Improvements in 2.1.2
Rifts were one of the major targets for Patch 2.1.2 testing on the PTR. The patch changed a lot in terms of monster assortment and level layout, and this resulted in some bugs. The most common was when you’d get a rift level without any monsters or just a few (usually the stone pillars map, […]
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A Diablo Version of the WoW Ten Year Statue?

Posted 21 Jan 2015 by at 13:53 GMT

WoW 10 Year statue

WoW 10 Year statue

World of Warcraft recently hit its ten year anniversary, and as a special reward Blizzard sent out commemorative sculptures of an Orc wolf-rider to players who have held an active subscription to WoW since the launch. That’s apparently a fairly exclusive club; we all know that WoW has had millions of paying customers for years, but not everyone was playing from the early days, and even most long-time players have let their subscription lapse once or thrice before leaping back in when the next expansion is released.

And yeah, the statue looks pretty nice, but it’s not exactly “free” — 10 years x 12 months x $15 = $1800.

That said, it’s interesting to imagine what sort of prize dedicated Diablo players might deserve for their (our?) years of devotion. Giant metal Diablo statue?

Diablo 3 has only been out for 2.5 years, but Diablo 2 is approaching its 15th anniversary since the June 2000 release, and Diablo 1 has 4 years more than that, and counting. Has anyone played D1 or D2 steadily for that long? I don’t even know how you’d define “steadily” in this instance; there’s nothing to verify it like an active WoW subscription, and I suspect the answer is no. Lots of players go back to D1 or D2 all the time, but hasn’t everyone uninstalled the game(s) several times, or not rushed to reinstall on a new computer? Or gone a few months or years between playing, before going back in for nostalgia’s sake?

Does anyone still have their earliest Diablo 1 or Diablo 2 characters? Or initial account? Has anyone played either game regularly for 19 or 15 years? If so, what prize do you deserve?

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Era One Ending, Leaderboard Wipe Coming Soon

Posted 20 Jan 2015 by at 14:33 GMT

We had the official announcement a couple of weeks ago, but today a post on the EU forums spells it out again with some slightly different terminology. Era One Ending, Leaderboard Wipe Coming Soon:

Upcoming: End of Era 1

The end of Season 1 is fast approaching, and with it, the end of our very first Era.

In Diablo III, an “Era” refers to a specific period of time in which non-Seasonal leaderboards are active. At the end of an Era, all current non-Seasonal leaderboard standings will be wiped and players will be unable to attain new leaderboard ranks until a new Era begins. Similar to Seasons, players will be able to view previous rankings in-game and as well as on our website.

Our first Era will be ending alongside our first Season. We currently anticipate the earliest date for the end of Era 1 (and Season 1) to be Tuesday, February 3. Era 2 will begin immediately after the end of Era 1, while Season 2 will begin sometime after the end of Season 1.

At the end of Season 1, all heroes created during the Season will become non-Seasonal and will be immediately able to compete on the Era 2 leaderboards. For more information on the end of the Season and upcoming Season rollover, click here.

Thank you for participating in our first Era! We look forward to seeing you in Sanctuary.

(Updated to fix a confusion on my part.) So there will be archived Leaderboards for both Era and Seasons, and Era 2 leaderboards will go live as soon as S1 ends, while S2 leaderboards won’t be up for a couple of weeks until S2 starts. I guess that makes sense because when S1 ends, all of the chars from that join the “Era” pool, and it’s not fair to mix them and their Seasonal gear with the non-seasonal chars, hence the leaderboards from Era 1 are being archived to preserve them as they were in that state of the game.

It’s also going to be interesting when S2 begins, since the Era 2 leaderboards will already be up to GR50+ with existing characters, while the new characters in S2 gradually gear up to move into the higher levels of GRifts.

I’m planning to leap into S2 when it goes live, but not with any real plan for GRift records, because Hardcore. How about you guys? Does the prospect of fresh clean leaderboards give you excite, whether in Season 2 or Era 2?

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Conduit Pylon Buff Coming Soon

Posted 20 Jan 2015 by at 01:09 GMT



Just added to the upcoming Hotfixes page is good news for those who want DiabloWikiConduit Pylons to once-again be game changing. Conduit Pylon Buff Coming Soon:



  • Dramatically increasing the damage of the Conduit Pylon in both Nephalem and Greater Rifts
  • These changes should result in Conduit feeling more in line with strong pylons like Power and Channeling without trivializing Rift Guardians
  • The Conduit Pylon nerf went in during the PTR testing and was a huge and obvious decrease in the power of the shrine buff, as we wrote about at the time. The shrine is unchanged in the Live version of Patch 2.1.2 and I’ve been surprised at the lack of general outrage over the nerf. Talking to Aahz on the podcast last night (to be posted later today) I realized why.

    Conduit Pylons feel horribly nerfed for very high end characters (GR40+), but still feel okay for more modestly-endowed heroes.

    Even in their currently-nerfed state, Conduit Pylons are still pretty effective for characters who are geared enough for T6 or a bit higher. At that level (or lower) Conduits still zap most things dead in one or two hits, and while they won’t insta-gib Guardians as they used to, they are good enough to wipe out Elites pretty well, making them 15 seconds of fun. I’ve found several playing on live since the patch, and they worked well enough I was wondering if the nerf had been slightly buffed before the patch went live.

    They have not, and the difference is my character, not the shrine. Conduits do okay up to GR30 or so, but as you get higher than that, and especially as you get up into GR40 or higher, Conduits feel almost irrelevant. That’s why they felt so nerfed to me on the PTR, since I’d used the +2000% legendary drop rate to build a far more powerful character than I have on live. (And I was softcore on the PTR, which makes it easy to add a lot more DPS.)

    So your current feelings about Conduit Pylons are probably sourced directly from your character and their relative power level. In any event, we should all appreciate more Conduit Pylons once the hotfix goes live and they become powerful enough to lawnmower your way through trash, while losing their Guardian exploit-ability.


    Conduit PTR pre-nerf.

    Conduit PTR pre-nerf.

    Conduit PTR post-nerf.

    Conduit PTR post-nerf.

    Update: The fix is in, and Conduits are once again pretty darn zappy. If not back to their pre-nerf, “destroy a GR50 Guardian in 2 seconds” state.

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    Blizzard Explains Seasonal Transmog Unlock

    Posted 18 Jan 2015 by at 19:16 GMT

    A fan asked how the Seasonal DiabloWikiTransmogs unlock and got infos. Blizzard Explains Seasonal Transmog Unlock:

    Too late for Season 1 transmog?

    Hey, just came back from a long break. Is it too late to get Season 1 transmog?

    …You do NOT need to level a HC character to unlock the transmogs after the Season ends.
    Nevalistis: Quoted for blue. :) This is the case. Once you get one Seasonal character, either Hardcore or Normal, to 70, you will have the transmogs unlocked across your entire account.

    They are a reward for Season participation, not necessarily for one game mode or the other.

    I haven’t transmogged anything since Vile Ward shoulders stopped being BiS, and have to admit I didn’t remember there were special Transmog looks for Seasonal characters, but useful info for people who pay attention to their character’s appearance in this way. What do you guys feel about Transmog these days? People who were excite about having transmog option still using it? Do you play with different gear looks regularly? And do you Transmog to get a look you like, or to remove a look you hate?

    Seasonal transmog gear options can be seen in the gallery below.

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    Blizzard with Patch 2.1.2 Bugs and Hotfixes

    Posted 17 Jan 2015 by at 06:54 GMT

    A few bugs that Patch 2.1.2 didn’t take care of have been hotfixed out of existence. Blizzard with Patch 2.1.2 Bugs and Hotfixes:

    Do Ancient Legendaries drop below lvl 70 in torment?

    Not that I’m aware of. Ancient Items are max level only just like sets.
    Nevalistis: This is correct. Only level 70 items have a chance of rolling as Ancient, and only in Torment I or above.

    “You’re not the Boss of Me” achievement after patch

    Lord of Bells surely dissapear from the list, but i have all others checked and achievement is still not earned
    Nevalistis: This is a known issue, and one we have a hotfix incoming to resolve. I should have incoming hotfixes up later this morning. Just have a meeting to run to first. :)

    …Aaand this hotfix is now live!

    Clan unavailable?

    I cannot access my clan (chat, see who online, etc) because error “Clan unavailable” since patch. is anyone get this issue too?
    Tyvalir: We’re currently looking into these issues, and while we don’t have an ETA on when they’ll be fixed just yet, we’ll be sure to post as soon as we do have an update. In the meantime, please be sure to direct similar reports to our Bug Reports forum here.

    …Hey everyone, we just implemented a fix that should clear up recent issues with Clan and Community functionality. Please let us know if these issues persist. Thanks!

    I’ve done hundreds or Rifts and never seen the Secret Cow Rift, so I’m happy the achievement is finally accessible… though I’d prefer if they’d bumped up the frequency. I like if some Achievements aren’t easily obtained, though this one seemed to be a bit too rare. Had you guys found it? Most players I’ve ever asked say they’ve never seen the Secret Cow Rift.

    Also, click through for a big hotfix list for the console:

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    Double Goblins + New Goblins = Auto Pickup Required?

    Posted 16 Jan 2015 by at 14:53 GMT

    Plenty of fans have spent the last two years asking for a way to auto-pickup materials and gems. I wasn’t always one of the petitioners since I didn’t totally mind a bit of left clicking. It reminded me of my Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 roots! Back when I was young and optimistic and had a fully-functioning right forefinger.

    That was then, though. Now that we’ve got the new Treasure Goblin types, especially the Gem Hoarder and Odious Collector, and they’re being multiplied by this week’s Gemini Goblin buff… srsly. My clicking finger begs you. Where’s the auto-pickup for materials and gems?

    I noticed it on the PTR, and stayed busy documenting the atrocities of mega packs of single goblin types. But that was just PTR fun and games, and there weren’t Goblin twins then. Now that I actually care about picking up the drops because the gear and gains are permanent, it’s feeling less fun and more like a nuisance. Below you see two shots I took of the aftermath of a huge mixed type Goblin pack I found in a Rift tonight. I ran into two Elites while pursing them (and couldn’t see what the hell I was doing against either with all of those item tags) and didn’t kill all the Goblins… but I killed enough.

    If you look at the map in the screenshots, I found the Goblins way over to the right and them across the map to the left and up where it turned north, where I ran into two Elites, one of them champions with Waller. That entire distance, 8 or 10 screens in size, was just littered with mats and gems. I didn’t time it, but I had to spend literally 3 minutes after the battle, just clicking all those icons for materials and gems. (Thank Dog that Blood Shards are auto-pickup, or imagine the clicking behind a Blood Thief?)

    Double Goblins + New Goblins = Auto Pickup Required?

    goblin-pack-trash2 goblin-pack-trash1

    I’ve often agreed with the players asking for Diablo 3 to be more like Diablo 2, but we meant it in terms of features and skills and itemization. Not interface! Yes, it’s nice to have some aspects of the game remind me of Diablo 2, but having to spend a solid minute right clicking through the junk after a big battle wasn’t quite what I had in mind…

    What do you guys think? Is auto-pickup for gems and materials needed? Or does left clicking build character?

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    Are Ancient Weapons Changing Everything?

    Posted 16 Jan 2015 by at 12:53 GMT

    Now that DiabloWikiAncient Items are live in Patch 2.1.2, I’ve been talking to players to gauge their impact. Most people don’t test on the PTR and lots of players don’t really follow the news about coming soon features, but it seemed like pretty much everyone had at least heard about Ancient Weapons before the patch went live. Lots of people hadn’t absorbed the strategic implications though, which is why we keep getting forum posts and questions in chat about ancient jewelry.

    Ancient crafted bows.

    Ancient crafted bows.

    For the better informed fans (like you guys), it was no surprise that Ancient rings and amulets were pretty much irrelevant, that Ancient armor had good potential, but that Ancient Weapons were the place to focus your attention.

    Of course you’ve got to find one, and that’s the hard part. I haven’t found one yet (7 ancients so far, all armor or jewerly, none worth using), but thankfully you don’t have to “find” an ancient weapon… you can craft or gamble. Gambling a legendary weapons is hard enough and it’s 10x harder to gamble an Ancient one, which is why Crafting is the loophole. It was for me at least, and the first thing I did when I got online after Patch 2.1.2 went live was head to not-Griswold for some item-makin’.

    My luck was good, since it took just 8 tries to get an Ancient version of both the crafted bows. You can see them in the screen to the right. (I didn’t try with the xbow or hand xbow, since they’re kind of suck unless you’re doing Hallowed set, and xbow/shield isn’t exactly my ideal DH gear option.) They’re not idea and I certainly hope to find better, but both were enormous DPS upgrades over the 2600 DPS Calamity I’d been using, and gaining 43% DPS with the Unbound Bolt was plenty enough to offset the loss of the Marked for Death proc from Calamity. The damage rolls on both bows are good but not great, and neither can be an ideal weapon since the crafting recipe gives each 3 inherent affixes (damage, IAS, and +Elite damage / Crit Damage) so it’s very hard to get mainstat and +damage% and a socket. I didn’t, since the Unbound Bolt rolled with Vitality. I was able to Enchant that into Dex though, and with a socket from a Gift of Ramaladni, it was a nice new weapon. My unbuffed DPS went from 880K up to 1200K DPS, and that much improvement was very obvious in the gameplay.

    Not mine, but want.

    Not mine, but want.

    So how are you guys doing on your Ancient Weapons? Pre-patch we kept urging the strategy I just detailed; save up materials so you could craft a legendary weapon right away, and it worked for me, even though I didn’t have that many souls to spend. The problem for a lot of players is that their builds *require* a specific legendary weapon.

    Just this morning two guys in the clan were on with their WDs, both were using Starmetal Kukuris, and though they were doing fine on T6 with their current gear, they couldn’t help but salivate over the idea of adding 300k DPS with a new weapon. They couldn’t craft any of the one-handed weapons to get it though, since they required the Starmetal proc for their builds.

    That’s the hard part about Ancient Weapons; amazing if you find one, great if you craft one, but for every build with a lot of weapon options, there’s another build that requires one specific legendary weapon. Is that fair? Okay? Should there be some change to upgrade existing items into Ancient versions, as fans often requested pre-patch? Or is the whole point of a Diablo game the struggle to seek out a great new item, thus enabling amazing things to happen when you hit the jackpot?

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    Double Treasure Goblin Buff All Next Week

    Posted 15 Jan 2015 by at 11:52 GMT

    buff-goblin-feb-2015Blizzard is celebrating the launch of Patch 2.1.2 with a community buff. This one differs between PC and console. Double Treasure Goblin Buff Coming Soon:

    To celebrate the arrival of this content update on PC and console, all treasure-hungry nephalem who log in to Diablo III* starting this weekend will enjoy a special treat. Pick your platform and receive one of the following temporary in-game boosts:

    PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One:

    Get ready to manage some mischief! Adventurers who encounter Treasure Goblins will notice they’ve brought friends to the party—for a limited time, all goblins will spawn in pairs.

    PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360:

    Let there be loot! For a limited time, all players who log in to defend Sanctuary will receive a +100% bonus to their chance to find Legendary and Set items. Note that this bonus stacks multiplicatively with other existing bonuses, including those provided by items, shrines, Torment difficulty levels, and Nephalem Rifts.

    This double Treasure Goblin and bonus Legendary Find period will begin for both PC and console players in the Americas region on Friday, January 16 at 12:00 a.m. PST and will end on Friday, January 23 at 11:59 p.m. PST.**

    Just like this, only doubled.

    And then they doubled it…

    For PC players, the buff applies to all types of DiabloWikiGoblins, so you can look forward to double shards, double gems, and double materials from the three new types. The most valuable of the new goblins is the rares, the Malevolent Tormenter. Those guys are as uncommon as they are precious, as they drop higher quality gear than normal Goblins, usually fountaining out at least one Legendary. Thus two of them at once is a valuable prize; like a drunken threesome with identical twin models, and without the uncomfortable hungover conversation in the morning.

    Also, if anyone is hunting for DiabloWikiGreed’s Domain, each goblin has the normal chance to spawn the golden portal, so your odds for that Au passage are doubled as well.

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    Diablo Fan Art Watch #267: The Witch Doctors of Teganze XI

    Posted 15 Jan 2015 by at 10:12 GMT

    This week on the Diablo Fan Art Watch we bring you 9 pieces of fan art from around the community.

    With each piece brings character all its own, and with bright colors as well as dynamic poses featuring the Witch Doctor in the heat of battle or just simply riding the back of their massive toad like a mount and dabbling in some voodoo.

    Art by calfCut, saigetaylor, Antares69, BabusDesign, sanluis, Azeltas, Kostya-PingWIN, Irregularibus, and sithsensui.

    Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of the image.

    If you enjoy Fan art and want to contribute to this growing community, please stop by the Fan Creations Forum. Many artists visit frequently, posting works in progress looking for feedback and conversation. You don’t have to be “arty” to join in. If you have any questions, comments or have some fan art related news on the web please send me a PM and I’ll get back to you. Also check out the wiki page for more art from the archives.

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    Rift Map Bugs and Improvements in 2.1.2

    Posted 14 Jan 2015 by at 23:22 GMT

    You shall not pass!

    You shall not pass!

    Rifts were one of the major targets for Patch 2.1.2 testing on the PTR. The patch changed a lot in terms of monster assortment and level layout, and this resulted in some bugs. The most common was when you’d get a rift level without any monsters or just a few (usually the stone pillars map, screen below), or sometimes an exit wasn’t clickable and you had no way to go down to the next floor, or sometimes a Rift level of the Arreat Crater would just end, as seen to the right.

    These problems were eradicated during the PTR testing, or at least I never saw any the last month of the patch after getting them all the time early on… but with the player population on the live realms greatly exceeding the PTR testers, it stood to reason that some lingering issues with Rift levels might occur. Rift Map Bugs and Improvements in 2.1.2:

    Can’t move to next floor of rift

    I cleared “Greater Rift Floor 1″ and got to the door to “Floor 2″ but whenever I clicked on the door I was teleported to the same spot on Floor 1. Time keeps ticking away. I can’t kill any monsters so I can’t kill the boss and that means I can’t get a gem upgrade or a new keystone. I have to lose the rift and the keystone I used altogether.
    Tsarnis: Hi Guys,

    If you could, can you please either post a screenshot or a description of the level you were on when you encountered the exit portal that didn’t work? A short description like “the level looked like the Halls of Agony in Act 1″ or “Battlefields of Eternity in Act 5″ works fine.

    Knowing which level you were on when you encountered this will help us track down which subsequent rift levels may be broken. Thanks!

    If you find such problems, help us all out by reporting them in the Blue tech support thread, and the devs can iron out these lingering problems.

    Bugs aside, have you guys tried out the new-style rifts since the patch went live? I really enjoyed the new/better maps on the PTR, and not just because they usually had so many more enemies packed into them. Last week after the PTR ended I played some Rifts on live for the first time in months, and they felt so static (in layout) and much slower-paced than what I was used to from the PTR. Funny how just tweaking the level layouts a bit can make so much difference, but Rifts of areas that used to be really annoying, like the A1 Spider Caves or the A5 Plague Tunnels, were much improved by modifications to their layouts on the PTR.

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    Clan Function Bugs in Patch 2.1.2

    Posted 14 Jan 2015 by at 22:22 GMT

    DiabloWikiClans got a few new features in the patch, but there are unexpected consequences.

    Clan unavailable?

    I cannot access my clan (chat, see who online, etc) because error “Clan unavailable” since patch. is anyone get this issue too?
    Tyvalir: Hey everyone, thanks for the reports on clan functionality issues!

    We’re currently looking into these issues, and while we don’t have an ETA on when they’ll be fixed just yet, we’ll be sure to post as soon as we do have an update. In the meantime, please be sure to direct similar reports to our Bug Reports forum.

    I guess this sort of thing, plus the bugs with Rifts and other assorted stuff shows why we didn’t get this patch live before Christmas. No matter how thoroughly tested something seems on the PTR, there are always new/different issues when it goes live, and much as we fans wanted to play it over the hols, Bliz knew it would be a bad idea to put it live when most of their support crew was on vacation.

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    Patch 2.1.2 Questions and Blizzard Answers

    Posted 14 Jan 2015 by at 03:04 GMT

    Nevalistis random Elite name in v2.1.2.

    Nevalistis random Elite name in v2.1.2.

    Lots of fan questions about Patch 2.1.2 stuff on the forums today, with some Blue replies. Patch 2.1.2 Questions and Blizzard Answers:

    Just killed Nevalistist… WTH?
    Nevalistis: Only counts if it’s a Death Maiden.

    This wasn’t quite impactful enough to warrant mention in our Patch 2.1.2 Survival Guide… but yes, there are some new names in the random pools for Elites, and the current Community Managers are amongst them. We tweeted on this from the PTR, and Neva’s reply was funny. Also, I often joke that Bliz picks CM names with excessive vowels just to make them hard to spell, a condition that (arguably) affects me more than any other person on earth… but not this time! It’s “Grimiku.”


    Elsewhere, predictable questions about the availability of seasonal and ancient items.

    New Patch: are season 1 items available? So is freydhrs wrath available to non season? i thought seasonal toons were gonna get rolled over but i guess thats next patch so i was wondering if the condemn shield is available now.
    Nevalistis: The Season has not ended yet, ir0nmas0n. Once Season 1 has ended, the seasonal items from Season 1 will be added to the non-season pool. That is also when characters, items, etc. will roll over, per our End of Season blog.

    The earliest we currently plan on ending Season 1 is February 3, 2015.

    Can you craft ancient set items?

    I just tried 25 cain’s boots and not one was ancient. It was my understanding that ratio was 10%. I know you can craft ancient legendary items.
    Tyvalir: Hey Scar, just wanted to jump in here to confirm that it is possible to create Ancient versions of craftable Legendary and Set items. It may take several tries, but it’s entirely doable, and the odds are the same regardless of the difficulty in which you’re playing.

    As Nevalistis explained previously, you can also obtain Ancient items from Kadala, and it’s possible for Horadric Cache-exclusive Legendary items to roll as Ancient items.

    Grimiku: The difficulty setting does not influence your chance to craft an Ancient quality item. Crafting has a flat chance to produce an Ancient item, and currently that chance doesn’t change. Sorry to answer that so bluntly, but I wanted to try and make sure there wasn’t any confusion.

    Back at Blizzcon the devs said Ancients would occur on about 1.5% of legendary items dropped on Torment 1, ramping up to around 10% on Torment 6. I played a good amount on the PTR on T6, and can confirm that it felt like about 10% of legs were ancient from monster drops, chests, etc.

    Unfortunately, I played very little PTR below T6, so I can’t speak to the % ancient rate on T1-T5. Nor did I craft or gamble enough on the PTR to get a feeling for the frequency of Ancients via those methods. It definitely felt more than 1.5% from gambling, but perhaps not as high at 10%? Perhaps a dev will reveal the actual numbers? At any rate, as the Blue post says, the rate from gambling/crafting should be the same on all difficulty levels, or it would be a stupidly-easy exploit, ala opening Horadric Caches in T6 to get Imperial gems (whcih actually worked, back in the day).

    As for Caches… I either had really bad luck or it’s lower than 10% ancient rate, since I opened at least 30 on the PTR, almost all on T6 so guaranteed legendary, and I never once got an Ancient quality leg from a Cache. As with all things RMT, your luck may (and probably will) vary.

    Click through for more Blue answers, including news about getting additional Boon of the Hoarder gems from Guardians, Patch time issues and West Coast bias, why the Band will nevermore tell their secrets, plus Console vs. PC patch differences, and more.

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    Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.2 Live: Full Patch Notes

    Posted 13 Jan 2015 by at 23:18 GMT

    patch2.1.2As expected/hoped, Patch 2.1.2 went live this morning during the regular weekly maintenance. The contents are as expected from the PTR testing and as described in our Survival Guide, and here are the full patch notes.

    Two questions about items and Seasons I keep seeing:

  • Season One isn’t over yet. It won’t end until Feb 3rd at the soonest. Thus Season One legendary items can not (yet) be found by non-Seasonal characters.
  • Seasonal two Legendary items are listed in the patch notes, but they can’t be found yet, since Season Two hasn’t started yet.
  • Here’s a quote from the Items portion, since everyone’s asking about it.

    • Life on Hit and Life Regeneration have been increased by 25% at all levels
    • The rarity of the rarest Legendary items in the game has been reduced
    • The stack size of Crafting Materials and Gems has been increased from 1000 to 5000

    Ancient items have been added to the game

    • Ancient items are more powerful versions of Legendary items
    • Ancient items roll from increased value ranges for certain affixes
    • Ancient Mojos, Orbs, and Shields roll with increased Damage or Shield Block values
    • Ancient items can now drop at Torment I or higher
      • The drop chance will increase with each Torment level
    • Any Legendary or Set item has a chance to be dropped or crafted as an Ancient item
    • Legendary or Set items purchased from Kadala have a chance to be an Ancient item

    Click through for the full patch notes.

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    Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.2 Survival Guide

    Posted 12 Jan 2015 by at 17:07 GMT

    New Goblins on the minimap.

    New Goblins on the minimap.

    The long-awaited Patch 2.1.2 is scheduled to go live this week, and it’s making a lot of major and minor changes to the game. More than just the usual patch assortment of skill changes/buffs, this one is changing some big aspects of the game. Rifts and Grifts are getting big tweaks to (increase) monster density and (improve) their layouts, four new types of Treasure Goblins are joining in, Ancient Items are coming to (potentially) increase the quality of Legendary Items, Conduit Pylons are getting a big nerf, a Vitality boost means everyone gains HPs, and much more.

    Here’s a very quick summary of the important changes, with links to additional infos. Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.2 Survival Guide:

    General Gameplay:

  • Nephalem Rift and (especially) Greater Rifts have increased monster density and improved maps. (Most characters copied to the PTR immediately gained 3-5 to their highest level Grift.)
  • All characters gain more HPs per point of Vitality, granting a solid overall HPs increase. (My copied over HC chars went up 10-15% in hit points, enough that I could regear to drop Vit from an item or two.)
  • The Clan roster now shows how long a player has been offline.
  • Wave of Trials are streamlined, with less downtime between waves. Some tweaks made to the types of monsters that spawn during waves. Improved exp/gold rewards.
  • DiabloWikiConduit Pylons are very nerfed in Patch 2.1.2 and are no longer powerful or fun or game-changing. Thankfully, they are already marked for a buff in a future patch.
  • Class and skill changes:

  • Barbarian: Legacy of Raekor set bonuses reworked, along with Furious Charge: Dreadnaught redesigned to make the Barbarian’s “trash collector” build less annoying.
  • Demon Hunter: Sentry redesigned. Now builds up to 2 charges (3 with a rune) like the Monk’s Dashing Strike. Marauder’s Set bonuses tweaked so Sentries only fire Spenders when the DH does. Also, Sentries boost the damage of the DH’s attack, but Sentries do much less damage with their own shots. Smoke Screen cooldown increased from 2 to 3 seconds. Night Stalker no longer restores Discipline.
  • Monk: Sunwuko’s Set bonus redesigned (improved). Thousand Storms set bonus buffed (still lame).
  • Wizard: Hydras fire much faster and Attack Speed is now factored in as well.
  • Items

  • Ancient Items added. This is a designation applied to Legendary Items that boosts many of their primary and secondary affixes up to 30%. Hugely impactful on weapons, somewhat on armor, irrelevant on jewelry. Detailed analysis here.
  • The 25 or so most uncommon Legendary items are doubled (or more) in drop rates.
  • Item affixes that “Gain X exp per kill” now multiplies by difficulty level, increasing exponentially. (This will roughly double the +exp going from Normal up to T6, and works incredibly with the Season 2 ultimate twink Gem of Ease.
  • Crafting material maximum stacks increased from 1000 to 5000.
  • New Legendary Items: None added in Patch 2.1.2, but Season 2 will bring several legs with new DiabloWikiLegendary Affixes, plus 3 new DiabloWikiLegendary Gems. (Season 2 only.)
  • All patch 2.1.2 changes to existing item set bonuses (Raekor’s, Marauder’s, Sunwuko’s) are retroactive, applying to existing gear. You do not need to find new set items to get the changed bonuses. (You will need to find new legendary items to get them with the new legendary affixes.)
  • Monsters

  • Elite Affixes: DiabloWikiExtra Health and DiabloWikiVampiric removed from the game.
  • There’s a big reduction in damage taken by pets from Elite Modifiers that deal damage on the ground. Pets/mercs now seldom die from DiabloWikiPlagued, DiabloWikiMolten, DiabloWikiDesecrator, etc.
  • DiabloWikiTreasure Goblins: 4 new Goblin types added. Goblin packs in Rifts spawn with mixed types of Goblins at about their normal distribution.
  • Goblin AI tweaked a lot.
  • Goblins now show up on the minimap, and give a chuckle warning sound before you are close enough to see them on the map.
  • Goblins in their idle animation stand with an open portal, making them easier to see.
  • Goblins wait longer when opening a portal before escaping, and will often go back into their idle mode when they move far enough offscreen and are not pursued.
  • Goblins run more erratically, and will head straight for any nearby Elites.
  • Click through for much more info on the coming feature changes in Patch 2.1.2, plus a reminder that Season Two and all of its new features are not coming with the Patch, and won’t be here until a week or two after Season One ends on February 3.

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    Latest Diablo 3 News

    Diablo 3 Dev Naming and Drinking the Haterade

    Posted 11 Jan 2015 by at 15:11 GMT

    Blue post from the forums about a big complaint thread that was deleted, then reinstated. You want to read it now, don’t you? First off, here’s the Blue reply, from a different thread created to complain about the deletion. Diablo 3 Dev Naming and Drinking the Haterade:

    So you’re deleting 20 page long topics again huh?

    Not that I’m surprised since you did this already several times. Anything unconvenient and it gets deleted. Do you think the 20 pages and 300 upvotes get erased like that as well? Oh man this company… instead of fixing the problems they rather delete the undesired feedback. Hilarious.
    Lylirra: The original thread has been restored and can be viewed at its original link. While the OP does violate our posting guidelines, the following conversation is mostly constructive (albeit heavily moderated), so the thread in its entirety should not have been removed. For that I apologize.

    As a general reminder, however: harassing or attacking other posters (be they Blizzard employees or other players) is not okay. Full stop. Doing so will likely lead to your post/thread being locked or removed outright. In some cases, depending on the severity of what’s been said, your account may even be penalized. That’s not ideal for you or us, so working to be as constructive as possible — even if you’re voicing a dissenting opinion — is always a good tactic to strive for.

    A good thing to remember when participating in a discussion on these forums is to “attack an idea, not a person.” Be passionate, be argumentative, but focus your conversation on ideas, designs, concepts, mechanics, etc. Not people.

    Kyrone, if you’d like to reduce the risk of further critiques requiring such active moderation, I encourage you to remove personal attacks from your arguments. They are not needed for your feedback to be both valid and relevant.

    It’s got to be good, after that intro, right? Click through for the deleted, then un-deleted OP, and prepare to be… underwhelmed.

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