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Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 Mega Preview
is hitting the live servers tonight/tomorrow after the weekly maintenance concludes, and there’s a ton of new stuff to be had. We’ve been newsing it all up for the past couple of months and keeping all of the articles up to date. We’re datamining the Patch right now, so we’ll have the full data […]
Vote: The Biggest Current Issues with Diablo 3?
Checking the blue tracker today and a reply from Lylirra caught my eye. I thought it would make a good topic for a vote, so I read over the first ten pages, tabulating how often specific complaints came up. Of course more replies treated the “single biggest issue” part like old people treat the “ten […]
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Diablo 3 Hotfixes Updated: Hardcore Death Bug Fixed

Posted 8 Sep 2014 by at 20:37 GMT

lgem-moratorium-dbThat should probably read “hotfix” since there’s just one update for Monday, but since it was a bug with a DiabloWikiLegendary Gem that could result in permanent death to a DiabloWikiHardcore character, it’s a pretty important fix. For some players, anyway.

Diablo 3 Hotfixes updated:

The following hotfix is now live. There are no upcoming hotfixes to report at this time.

  • Fixing an issue where the DiabloWikiLegendary Gem Moratorium would kill players despite their anti-death skill (such as Indestructible or Spirit Vessel) triggering
  • It’s funny/scary how often these little bugs slip through that only really matter to Hardcore characters.

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    Diablo 3 Best Level 1-70 Strategies, Cheese-Free

    Posted 7 Sep 2014 by at 18:12 GMT

    The Season One leaderboard race quickly turned into a farce (in Softcore, at least) when players exploited the huge exp provided by several bounties that could be completed by undergeared characters on Torment 6. All people had to do was party up (for the greater exp) and keep creating games until they got the proper bounties, rush through and click the NPC or object to start the bounty timer, and then run and dodge, or die, until the bounty timer ended and they received a huge exp reward without having to kill a single enemy.

    Shut that barn door tight, now.

    Shut that barn door tight, now.

    No one seemed to enjoy this cheesy style of play, even the people who were doing it since it was the only way to keep up. Our vote showed a strong majority in favor of a fix, and as they usually do these days, the D3 devs listened. The four bounties that were so exploitable, granting huge experience without requiring any monster killing, have been temporarily removed from the pool until a more lasting/satisfying fix can be patched in. (All of those events remain in the game; they just will not spawn as bounties and thus will not deliver the huge EXP boost for bounty completion that they were providing last weekend.)

    The question some players are asking now, that those bounties are gone… what’s the best way for a new character to level up quickly? That’s not such an urgent question now as it was last weekend with Season One about to commence; at this point most players interested in seasons have a level 70 by now, or have friends who could help them power level. But not everyone had the hours last weekend or this week to zoom up to 70, and long term, plenty of players who are evaluating how things went last weekend as they prepare their strategy for the (coming soon™) Season Two leaderboard rush.

    If we only had softcore, it would be hard to say what worked best for fast leveling up the new seasonal characters, since exploiting those bounties was so much faster than playing for real. Happily, we’ve got a control group. The same bounties were available in Hardcore, but since the exploit was most profitable when rushed through on Torment 6, which inevitably resulted in a lot of character deaths, it wasn’t viable in Hardcore. (Not that the exploit required constant death; characters into their 30s and 40s had enough gear and skills that they could often duck and dodge and CC and run for 30 seconds until the bounties triggered. Not many HC players are willing to take that risk, though.)

    So, how can you level up a new character quickly, without constant death or huge exp gain from exploiting bounties on T6? It’s Diablo 3′s best cheese-free level 1-70 strategies:

    First, some general tips.

    Play on Lower Difficulty Levels

    Lower difficulty is NOT the way to go if you’ve already got high level characters and can twink gear (and gems). With twinks, it should be much faster to play on the highest difficulty level on which you can still kill quickly. (Most players can manage Master or T1, at least until level 40 or so.) It doesn’t take a full suite of amazing gear either; just a decent weapon with a hole in it + a high level Ruby will put your new character way above the difficulty curve, enabling one shot kills on almost everything for the first 30 or 40 levels. (Big +mainstat or +vitality gems socketed in your armor also make a huge difference, and obviously a ruby in your hat is mandatory, for the faster exp gain.)

    That’s with twinks, though. The novelty of Season One was that everyone had to start from scratch, and when starting off naked, without even Paragon Points (y u no max Movement Speed!!1!?), it’s much faster leveling if you stick to Normal, or Hard difficult. Yes, you can go old school and start off a naked character on T6, and it’s possible and challenging and fun to kite and CC and use all kinds of strategy to survive when even the trash mob zombies have Uber Diablo type hit points… but it’s a very slow way to level up. (Though quite fun to ding about every third kill.)

    If you want to get to 70 quickly, play on a lower difficulty. Even with more players in the game, it’s better to stick Normal or Hard and steamroll enemies and finish a lot of bounties, than it is to kill much more slowly and get more exp per kill. (And you won’t die, which matters greatly in Hardcore.)

    Here’s how the lower DiabloWikidifficulty levels increase the basic monster stats and exp returns:

  • Hard: 200% Health, 130% Damage, 75% extra gold bonus, 75% extra XP bonus
  • Expert: 320% Health, 189% Damage, 100% extra gold bonus, 100% extra XP bonus
  • Master: 512% Health, 273% Damage, 200% extra gold bonus, 200% extra XP bonus
  • Click through for much more…

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    Diablo 3 Legendary Gem Bane of the Trapped, Traps

    Posted 7 Sep 2014 by at 15:10 GMT

    A fan wanted to know if the Legendary Gem Bane of the trapped would proc with itself; the base effect is to boost damage against enemies under any form of CC, and the secondary effect is to create an aura that slows all nearby enemies. It does, because the Diablo 3 Legendary Gem Bane of the Trapped, Traps.

    DiabloWikiBane of the Trapped
  • Base effect: Increase damage against enemies under control-impairing effects by 15%.
  • Upgrade rank grants: +0.3% damage.
  • Rank 25 unlocks: Gain an aura that reduces the movement speed of enemies within 15 yards by 30%.
  • Does the reduces movement speed counts as a control impairing effect? In other words does the gem proc itself at melee range?
    Grimiku: The secondary effect of Bane of the Trapped does trigger the primary effect. So, all enemies within 15 yards automatically suffer 30% movement reduction once the gem is level 25+, and receive increased damage, too. It’s generally a pretty sweet gem for most melee characters.

    Grim, it’s pretty clear by your post that you don’t know about he Bane of Trapped bug (neither did I until after leveling it ><) ...

    BoT does not currently effect item procs which makes it nearly 100% useless for monks!

    I have told Neva this already but getting two people on it wouldn't hurt!

    Can you toss this info to the appropriate dev please!!! <3

    Note: I tested with a min=max setup so there is no margin of error.
    Nevalistis: This has already been done! :) There’s an investigation pending on Bane of the Trapped and its interaction with item procs, but we don’t currently have an ETA for a resolution just yet. Definitely a bug, though!

    Thank you. Will the team also be looking into its interaction between other procs, like weapon procs since that is still a heavy part of monks damage.
    Nevalistis: Yep. It’s actually for all procs. That was a mistype on my part. I’ll adjust my earlier post. ;)

    Boon of the Hoarder at work.

    Boon of the Hoarder at work.

    I’ve had hardly time to play lately, but I’ve been working on a new seasonal Monk when I have the chance, and I’m really enjoying the class. Seems like there’s so much more Spirit now, and the Monk doesn’t feel so sluggish anymore. I don’t have a Bane of the Trapped, but it sounds like an awesome spec for a Monk… with any luck by the time I level up to start using it, the bugs will be fixed! See, there is one benefit to leveling slowly…

    How about you guys? Using this or other DiabloWikiLegendary Gems and finding things very different and better with their legendary properties? Oddly, the gem I’ve heard the most about is DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder. It’s like everyone with that gem just started CrossFit and became a vegan on the same day, since it’s all they can talk about.

    Gold. So much gold. Because, gold…

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    Easter Egg: Development Hell in Act Five Cemetery

    Posted 7 Sep 2014 by at 04:33 GMT

    Most players have seen the DiabloWikiDevelopment Hell level that sometimes spawns as a fourth Crypt under the Cemetery in Act One. But not so many have seen the Act Five cemetery level spawn for that purpose.

    Long time site reader Tigerpaw survived an encounter with that area, stocked with familiarly-named undead, which he found in a Nephalem Rift with his new Seasonal Monk Crusader. He grabbed some screens and sent them along, including one featuring the tragic end of everyone’s favorite, Wyatt Cheng.

    It’s an DiabloWikiEaster Egg, but not a special themed Rift like the Infernal Bovine one. You just get this level now and then in Rifts, playing much the same as usual, just with developer names on all of the undead.

    Development Hell in Act Five Cemetery:

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    Win a Treasure Goblin Prize Pack

    Posted 6 Sep 2014 by at 00:21 GMT

    Treasure Goblin Prize Pack

    Treasure Goblin Prize Pack

    Blizzard is running a contest to give away 20 Treasure Goblin Prize Packs, with the winner selected randomly from people who sign up via their Facebook or email. Test your real life RNG!

    Here’s the contest entry page, in which you might Win a Treasure Goblin Prize Pack:

    To celebrate the arrival of Patch 2.1.0 on PC, we’re giving away 20 Treasure Goblin Packs!

    Each prize pack contains an adorable Treasure Goblin plush as well as his recent bounty: an exclusive 15” x 22” Treasure Goblin print illustrated by Oliver Chipping at BlizzCon 2010. (Note: You don’t need to kill this goblin to get his loot!)

    We’ll randomly select 20 winners to receive a Treasure Goblin Pack. Join in on the party and enter today!

    I dug up a picture of Oliver digitally painting the Gobby live on the Art Stage at Blizzcon, if you want to see the man in action. There’s no real rush to enter as the contest sign up runs for another 20 days, but if you’re going to do it you might as well before you forget. Good luck!

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    “The Vault” Greed’s Chest Bugged Drop

    Posted 5 Sep 2014 by at 20:42 GMT

    Could a Monk Deadly Reach?

    Could a Monk Deadly Reach?

    I’ve seen complaints about items from Greed’s chest sometimes dropping where players can’t reach them, and a EU Blue addressed the issue today.

    Greed’s Chest Bugged Drop:

    So me and 2 friends just killed the boss in the goblin vault, none of us can loot the items that dropped because the chest is blocking it, we cant go near enough to loot them.

    Is there anything that can be done about this or do we simply have to abandon the loot?

    Quick response would be appreciated.
    Vaneras: Hey guys,

    I just wanted to drop in and thank everybody who has reported this issue with Greed’s chest blocking loot, your reports have been forwarded to the appropriate folks for investigation :-)

    Is there anything that can be done about this or do we simply have to abandon the loot?
    I’m sorry to say that there isn’t really anything that can be done about this right now unfortunately :-(

    Until such a time when a fix is in place for this, it would be a good idea to try and lure Greed away from the edge of the platform when it is time to deal the final killing blow that summons the chest.

    I read soemwhere on these forums the thing to do is to ALT+Click the item or ALT and then click as two seperate keystrokes. I’ve tried this elsewhere and it appears to work.
    That is a good tip, thanks :-)

    It just looks so clickable….

    I like that the OP was made while in-game, with the “please reply quickly!” That green amulet and orange Fist were calling to him.

    This used to happen fairly often with chests (and other treasure-popping clickables, like the big crypt with the Matriarch’s Bones reward) in other areas of Diablo 3, especially back in the beta. I always wondered why they didn’t just program chests to lose collision once they opened up, since those always seemed to be the treasure-blocking obstacles.

    Pity that we’re now getting it with Greed’s giant and visually-awesome chest.

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    Diablo 3 Season Conquest: Sprinter & Speed Racer

    Posted 5 Sep 2014 by at 12:06 GMT

    There’s been a fair amount of discussion in the community about the fast clear of all five acts as a seasonal conquest, and how or if they can be done. It’s the same achievement for softcore (Sprinter) and hardcore (Speed Racer); beat All Five Acts in story mode in under an hour. That’s not an hour per act, as in the regular achievement, but all 5 acts in less than 60 minutes.

    It sounds impossible to many, but if you check the Leaderboards it’s already been done, and on all three servers, though only by a few players. If you refer to the screenshots below for the current handful of completionists, it’s a pretty select group. No more than 11 characters have done it on any of the realms, HC or SC, and almost all are parties of 3 or 4 Demon Hunters. You see a scattering of other classes, including Crusaders and Wizards and Witch Doctors, but it’s almost all Demon Hunters.

    Because Vault.

    asian-gamersThere’s one exception; the first person to earn Sprinter on Asia, did it solo, and with a Crusader. I talked to some players in-game tonight who were were fairly certain Sprinter/Speed Racer could not be done solo, and yet here we’ve got a Crusader who did it on Asia… and there’s a solo DH as well, also on Asia.

    Because Asians.

    These conquests can not be done solo, and not even done in parties, without great cooperation and some items that enable spectacular movement speed. Wizards have a chance now with the DiabloWikiAether Walker want (a DiabloWikiseasonal legendary) that (mostly) removes the cooldown on Teleport. Demon Hunters have the “turn Vault’s cost to Hatred” option when dual wielding the DiabloWikiDanetta’s Set Xbows. And the magical tool for the Crusader is the Swiftmount flail, which doesn’t give perma-pony, but does double the duration. Which I wouldn’t have thought was sufficient to run A1-A5 in 12m each, but apparently it was.

    Anyone got any Sprinting Speed Racer tales to tell? Players in parties have to all zoom along at crazy speed, splitting up at every fork in the dungeon so that someone finds the stairs ASAP, then pulls the others in via teleport to player. It’s crazy that two people (even if they are Asians) have done it solo, since you’d have to get lucky almost every time you picked a direction, and even then you need incredible movement speed and disciprine to keep that up through five full acts.

    Here are screenshots of the current completion-ists for these two conquests, which are the most exclusive of any conquest DiabloWikileaderboards. Respect. Diablo 3 Season Conquest: Sprinter & Speed Racer:

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    Diablo 3 Seasonal Character Paragon Level Calculator

    Posted 5 Sep 2014 by at 10:04 GMT

    This was once a big deal...

    This was once a big deal…

    A fan put together a simple spreadsheet that can add your main account paragon experience with your seasonal paragon experience and give you the total combined amount. It’s a very simple thing; just add the paragon experience together and see the new total, but it can be surprising to see as a player, since Paragon levels ramp up so much as you go higher and higher.

    The tool is just an XLS document accessible via Google docs, or if you download it you can play with it in Excel or any other spreadsheet program. There’s not a functional HTML version, though hopefully someone with some basic programming savvy can port it into a format that anyone could just click on via a webpage.

    Check out the Diablo 3 Seasonal Character Paragon Level Calculator. There are two easy ways to access it:

  • Top left, and File > Download As. Save to a format that you can edit via software on your machine. (Excel, Open Document, or PDF.)
  • Top left, File > Make a Copy. If you’re logged in to Gmail or G+, that will instantly open the document in your Google tools RIGHT IN YOUR BROWSER and let you enter numbers for the Paragon levels and see the calculated results.
  • Note that the exp per paragon level in normal and seasonal is identical: You need exactly the same amount of exp to reach Paragon 100 in each, Paragon 200 in each, etc. This tool just adds those totals and gives you the combined amount. So when calculating, Paragon 300 in normal + Paragon 150 in Seasons is exactly the same as P150 in normal + P300 in Seasons.

    A few samples, for quick rule of thumb calculations.

  • Paragon 100 + Paragon 100 = P145
  • Paragon 100 + Paragon 200 = P224
  • Paragon 200 + Paragon 200 = P277
  • Paragon 100 + Paragon 300 = P313
  • Paragon 200 + Paragon 300 = P344
  • Paragon 300 + Paragon 300 = P391
  • Paragon 100 + Paragon 400 = P407
  • Paragon 200 + Paragon 400 = P426
  • Paragon 300 + Paragon 400 = P458
  • Paragon 400 + Paragon 400 = P507
  • Paragon 100 + Paragon 500 = P504
  • Paragon 500 + Paragon 500 = P599
  • Paragon 100 + Paragon 600 = P601
  • Paragon 200 + Paragon 600 = P606
  • Paragon 600 + Paragon 600 = P682
  • Paragon 400 + Paragon 800 = P806
  • Paragon 244 + Paragon 1000 = P1000 (not a typo)
  • Paragon 500 + Paragon 1000 = P1006
  • This makes Paragon 100 seem pretty sad, huh? Adding a Paragon 100 Seasonal account will take your main from P400-407, or P500-504, or P600-601. Above that Paragon 100 doesn’t even move the bar a single click. And check that last one! If you’ve got Paragon 1000, you need to add Paragon 245 just to raise your total Paragon a single level, to 1001. Good luck, Gabbynator!

    Of course your main account with Paragon 500 or more can also earn EXP much faster than a new Seasons account with no gear, no paragon points, etc. Everyone knows that going in, and it’s not like Blizzard said Seasons were triple exp or anything, but we might as well prepare now for the inevitable cries of “where did mah Paragons go!!1!?” when Season One ends, players merge their accounts, and see their main account Paragon tick up like… 3 levels.

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    BlizzCon 2014 Virtual Tickets on Sale Now

    Posted 5 Sep 2014 by at 01:30 GMT

    blizzcon 2014

    Not everyone can afford to go to BlizzCon 2014 but the cost of a virtual ticket is a lot less if you want to enjoy the panels and discussions. Blizzard has posted details of what’s included along with an FAQ but it’s more than likely you know what to expect anyway. The ticket costs £24.99/€29.99 here in Europe and they can be purchased here.

    The Virtual Ticket lets you be a part of the biggest Blizzard universe mash-up this side of Heroes of the Storm—right from the comfort and convenience of your own home. The Virtual Ticket provides access to two days of live HD BlizzCon coverage across two streaming online channels, along with on-demand replays and DVR functionality so you can catch any of the action you might have missed. Here’s what you get:

    Developer Panels & Exclusive Interviews

    Get the latest news and developments on World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm, straight from the people who make ’em. The Virtual Ticket gets you access to all of the panels on the Main and Panel stages, along with in-depth interviews you won’t see anywhere else.

    Live Contests—Hosted by Chris Hardwick

    Bear witness to the full creative force of the Blizzard community in the Costume and Talent contests, held live onstage Friday night. Guiding us through this year’s evening of inspired insanity will be comedian Chris Hardwick (@nerdist), host of shows like Comedy Central’s @midnight and AMC’s Talking Dead, and overmind of Nerdist Industries—home base for a horde of geek-minded podcasts and other multimedia pursuits.

    Closing Ceremony

    The Virtual Ticket also gets you a front-row seat to the epic closing ceremony on Saturday night. Acts like The Offspring, Ozzy Osbourne, Foo Fighters, Tenacious D, and Blink-182 have closed out BlizzCons past—we’ll unveil our plans for this year’s finale closer to the show.

    Bonus: Epic In-Game Goodies

    Every BlizzCon, attendees and Virtual Ticket holders receive a treasure trove of commemorative in-game loot to mark the occasion. This year, the development teams are crafting goodies for World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm—but that’s all we’re going to say about that for now. . . .

    You’ll also get early access to a limited-time online BlizzCon merchandise sale featuring a selection of commemorative items that will be available for purchase at the show.* This special sale for BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders is scheduled to take place from October 17 through November 11, and will be followed by a public sale offering a more limited selection of items. We’ll have more details on the sale in the coming weeks.

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    Blizzard Disables Cheesy Diablo 3 Bounties

    Posted 4 Sep 2014 by at 06:07 GMT

    Shut that barn door tight, now.

    Shut that barn door tight, now.

    Our most recent vote shows that over 85% of you guys feel the “exp for killing nothing” quests are a cheesy exploit, when used to reach level 70 (and beyond) so quickly in the new season. The Diablo 3 developers agree as well, though they don’t appear to have figured out a fix yet, so they’ve just turned them off, for now. Blizzard Disables Cheesy Diablo 3 Bounties:

    One of our ongoing goals for Diablo III (and Seasons in particular) is to promote diversity in play styles and encourage a variety of experience whenever possible. In line with this goal, and as a direct result of your feedback from Season 1, we’re in the process of implementing a series of hotfixes that will temporarily disable the following events as eligible bounties:

  • The Matriarch’s Bones (Act One)
  • The Jar of Souls (Act One)
  • A Miner’s Gold (Act Two)
  • The Miser’s Will (Act Five)
  • This change will apply to both Seasonal and non-Seasonal games. Additionally, please note that these hotfixes will only remove the above events from the active bounty pool, not the game itself. The events can still spawn in-game and will provide rewards as normal.

    We don’t have an ETA at this time for when these events will be re-added to the bounty pool, but are working to have them available for Season 2.

    Looking Forward:

    In Season 1, many players were able to quickly level their heroes and earn a coveted rank on the “Race to the Top” leaderboard exclusively by running the bounties in question. While we won’t be removing any Conquest credit or ranking from players who chose to use this particular technique, we will be making changes to these bounties for future Seasons. The desire here is to help promote an environment where the most efficient way to play is also the most varied (and ideally the most fun too). With this, one of our goals for Seasonal Conquests is to encourage players to try out different tactics and explore different play styles, so we will be evaluating all Season 1 Conquests with that goal in mind and making changes for Season 2 as needed.

    Once again, thank you for your feedback. We’ll continue to grow and improve Diablo III with your support, so please keep posting! In the meantime, we wish you glory and good fortune in Season 1, and good luck to those still racing for a spot on our current Conquest leaderboards.

    See you in Sanctuary!

    And why is this being applied to non-seasons?
    Lylirra: Same reason. The current structure of these specific bounties don’t really align with and/or support our design goals (not just for Seasons, but the game as a whole).

    The desire here is to help promote an environment where the most efficient way to play is also the most varied (and ideally the most fun too).
    Lylirra: The changes we’d like to make to said bounties (so that they can better mesh with the above) can’t be hotfixed and instead will be something we strive to address/improve on with a patch.

    I was surprised to see this news, since I figured if Blizzard didn’t care if players cheesed this way, after they declined to fix it coming out of the PTR testing. My next surprise was how hard it was to find a decent visual representation of “shutting the barn door after the horse has gone” via google images.

    As for the fix, during the comment conversation on our vote (which revealed that a strong majority of you guys wanted the cheese gone), where various suggestions to fix this issue were thrown about, I had a remember-y. During the Reaper of Souls beta, none of the “kill monster X” bounties had kill counters attached. You just had to find the monster and kill it, and you completed the bounty. This made all such bounties in small areas very easy to exploit, and also put a huge advantage on characters who could move very quickly, since all you had to do was zoom around, looking for the yellow sonar ping on the map, kill the Purple, and teleport off to the next bounty. (The hardest part of those bounties was usually finding a clear space to remain unmolested for the 5s duration of your TP animation.)

    In response to this cheesy play style, Blizzard implemented the 50, 75, 100, 125, or 150 counters, requiring players to kill X number of enemies AND the bounty target. It seems to me they could easily just tack a kill counter onto these 4 exploitable bounties and solve them the same way. If players had to kill 25 or 50 monsters while doing the Miner’s Gold or Jar of Souls, that would make zero difference to normal play, while completely eliminating the “run through completely undergeared on T6″ play that wrecked the Softcore ladder race last Friday night. (Killing the Elite that spawns in The Miser’s Will cellar, and the annoying ghost of the Matriarch’s Bones would do the same.)

    Probably they’ve got some much more complicated and thus slow to implement fix in mind, though.

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    Diablo 3 Hotfix: Boon of the Hoarder + Pets = Riches

    Posted 3 Sep 2014 by at 22:30 GMT

    news-legem-boonThe “doesn’t work with pets” issue of the Boon of the Hoarder DiabloWikiLegendary Gem has been hotfixed, much to the delight of Sentry Hunters and Pet Doctors. Diablo 3 Hotfix: Boon of the Hoarder + Pets = Riches:

    Boon of the Hoarder should now work correctly when your pet kills an enemy (9/3)

    If you haven’t tried out DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder, since after all, it doesn’t actually boost performance in any way… you might want to give it a shot. Every player who is using it seems to love it, and it’s hard to argue with the “fields of gold” screenshots that legendary gem can create. Just a couple of comments from our post about this bug from a couple of days ago:

    The gem is awesome. Literally the first gobo I killed post-patch dropped a portal, so I got it immediately. I assume I blew ALL THE LUCK on that, because I haven’t gotten a portal since… but I have made almost 200 million gold over the weekend and I haven’t even bothered to upgrade the gem yet. So yes, it works. –Darkmere

    Boon of the Hoarder is amazing. Once you get it, you know that you’ll never be poor ever again. I quickly ranked mine up to 10 for about 40% chance of gold explosion, and tested it yesterday. Clearing a screen of enemies even just just T2 yields roughly 120k+ gold in seconds (with current community bonus). –Kagutsuchi

    The gem grants a chance for an explosion of gold when you kill enemies, and upgrading it improves that chance. DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder properties:

  • Base Effect: 25% chance to cause an explosion of gold when you kill an enemy.

  • Upgrade rank grants: +1.5% chance on kill.
  • Rank 25 unlocks: Gain 30% increased movement speed for 2 seconds after picking up gold.
  • People aren’t even talking about the rank 25 bonus property, but consider that it would give you an almost full-time 30% movement speed boost, since at max level more than half the enemies you killed would drop gold. That’s a a speed boost that would be active almost full time (over 50% “gold chance on kill” at level 25), it’s a bigger speed boost than almost any movement skills offer, and it’s resource-free.

    That said, I think players will eventually feel weird using Boon of the Hoarder once they have hundreds of millions of gold above any possible expenses, and so many other Legendary Gems with better performance/survival boosting options? (Especially when fighting say, Ubers.) Though it would always be fun to equip the lvl 25 BotH for a solo speed run, when split-farming A1 bounties, when rushing a friend, etc.

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    Diablo 3 Achievements Fixed + Not-Instant Teleportation

    Posted 3 Sep 2014 by at 11:11 GMT

    Blizzard reports that the display bug that’s been plaguing the denizens of Sanctuary for the past week has been eradicated. Diablo 3 Achievements Fixed:

    We’ve successfully developed and deployed a fix for this issue in all regions. At this time, this particular achievement display bug should be resolved. Thanks for all your feedback, everyone!

    Elsewhere, a fan complains that the new DiabloWikiSeasonal Legendary Wizard wand Aether Walker doesn’t live up to the advertising, since it does not completely remove the cooldown after Teleport.

    In the description of Aether Walker.

    “Teleport no longer has a cooldown but costs 25 Arcane Power.”

    But it still has ~0.5sec cooldown. As result I cannot teleport instantly just after casting it.
    Tyvalir: Although Aether Walker removes most of the cooldown on Teleport, it leaves a half-second “safety net.” This is because when we were testing the legendary power, we discovered a bug that caused people to double-teleport when they didn’t intend to do so, often putting them in harm’s way or costing them AP that they didn’t mean to spend.

    While this means you won/t teleport quite as quickly as you would without a minor pause, the fix also prevents you from having to be very precise in how long you down the mouse button without wasting AP or putting you in danger.

    When you listen to the new Seasons-focused Diablo 3 podcast you’ll hear N3rdwords gleefully singing the praises of this wand, which he found with his first Seasonal character and proceeded to use non-stop for hours, taking breaks only to giggle with delight at the spectacular movement speed it granted unto his Wizard.

    As for that safety net… I guess. I’ve not used the new wand, but I’ve played a lot of Demon Hunter and it’s very easy to double-cast Vault, especially when I’m playing on EU where I’ve always got a bit of lag. The one that’s most annoying is when I Vault away from monsters and move the mouse to point back at the targets, and switch to an attack skill, while still in mid-Vault. Quite often that results in the game casting Vault a second time as soon as I come out of the first one, which tumbles me right back into the midst of the enemies I meant to shoot at. (Requiring a third Vault to escape, which at least puts me halfway to the Olympian achievement.)

    As a result of that bug, when I play on EU I’ve learned to delay a microsecond after each time I Vault, to let the latency catch up, before I start clicking the attack skill. Is it too much to ask that Wizard’s with this insta-Teleport wand do the same? If there’s a difference I guess it’s that each Vault costs just a bit of my DH’s Discipline, and there are a ton of items and skills that boost maximum Discipline, while each Teleport with Aether Walker costs 1/4 of the Wizard’s base value of Arcane Power, and that class has a lot fewer items/skills to boost the total amount of AP.

    That and Blizzard hates Demon Hunters. But of course that goes without saying…

    Update: Blue comment the next day on the interaction with the Wormhole rune:

    It shouldn’t apply to Wormhole, it’s 1 cast.
    Correct! Wormhole allows for two jumps within the same skill use. Since the cooldown only occurs between skill uses, you can use both Wormhole jumps without pause.
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    Latest Diablo 3 News

    Farming Treasure Goblins… Infinite Goblins from Greed?

    Posted 3 Sep 2014 by at 00:10 GMT

    The Vault awaits...

    The Vault awaits…

    There’s a lot of renewed interest in farming Treasure Goblins since Patch 2.1 hit, both because they were doubled during last week’s community buff, and since they may open the portal to Greed’s Domain.

    Keep in mind that playing on a higher DiabloWikidifficulty level does *not* increase the chances of a Goblin spawning. It does greatly increase the amount of gold they drop, and especially the amount of gold you find inside of DiabloWikiThe Vault if you get lucky and find that coveted yellow portal, so it’s best to farm goblins on the highest difficulty level you can reasonably handle.

    Where to find Goblins?

    When DiabloWikiPatch 2.1 launched the best place to farm goblins was in the Act One Halls of Agony level 2, since there was always a Treasure Goblin somewhere on that not-very-large level. HOTFIXED!

    Treasure Goblins no longer have a 100% chance to spawn in Halls of Agony level 2 (8/28)

    So now it’s more random, and the Halls of Agony 2 is no longer recommended since it’s not a great layout to farm. The most popular areas now are mostly in Act Three, and they are the various Tower of the Damned/Cursed levels, since they’re fairly small and are circular or spiral in layout, so they can be completely “explored” fairly quickly. The Core of Arreat (last area in Act Three) is also good as it’s a straight shot and is narrow, making for fast searching.

    Act One has some good levels as well, since the outdoor areas there (Leoric’s Hunting Grounds and the Northern Highlands) seem to have a high Goblin spawn chance. I’ve seen other players recommend the Cave of the Moon Clan dungeon below the Southern Highlands, and oddly, the Highlands Passage, which is that small outdoor area between Halls of Agony 2 and the Jail, where you find the Warden.

    Leah's little surprise?

    Leah’s little surprise?

    While playing in general, it’s a good idea to poke your head into all those little dungeons. The single room cellars you see early in Act One, the little houses under early parts of Act Two, etc. Those take just seconds to check, and it’s not uncommon to find a Goblin in them.

    The funniest goblin hunting suggestion I’ve seen anywhere was a guy on Reddit claiming to have found a pair of them in Leah’s bedroom, inside the Inn in Act One town. His claim excited a lot of debate, but it was not reproduced and eventually ‘shop experts took a magnifying glass and could tell from some of the pixels that it was a fake.

    Which is a pity, since I can think of any number of inappropriate jokes regarding Treasure Goblins in Leah’s bedroom.

    Click through for more on goblin strategy, and a clever trick/exploit that allows a patient player to fight an infinite number of goblins, one at a time… but is probably not worth the trouble.

    Read More & Comment »

    Latest Diablo 3 News


    No Diablo 3 Pet Gold via Boon of the Hoarder

    Posted 2 Sep 2014 by at 22:15 GMT

    The CMs are still getting back up to speed after the three-day weekend so there’s not much Blue action yet and the Patch 2.1 Known Issues haven’t been updated since last week. Not every fan knows all the issues though, and the DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder, one of the new DiabloWikiLegendary Gems does *not* proc from kills made by your pets. No Diablo 3 Pet Gold via Boon of the Hoarder:

    At first i thought the gem was a little broken since i played on my WD pet build. Gold rarely “exploded”. Then i played my DH without sentry build and it dropped A TON. This is hardly intentional since many classes use pets as main source damage and therefore will get alot less gold then others, disadvantage much. Plizz blizz fixx
    Blizzard: As already mentioned, there are existing threads on this topic. If you’d like to add anything further, please continue the discussion in one of those.

    As Rankil talked about on our Diablo 3 Seasons podcast, how he was lucky to find a Boon of the Hoarder gem shortly after he hit 70, and how it made a huge difference on his fortune. (He was not playing a Pet Doctor or Sentry Hunter, obviously.) Thanks to the gem and some luck hitting DiabloWikiGreed’s Domain, Rankil was up over 80 million gold by Paragon 50, with a hardcore seasonal character.

    Boon of the Hoarder battle aftermath shots are drool-worthy.

    In the past, especially when Reaper of Souls launched, most players were constantly broke as they leveled up new characters, upgraded the Artisans, and then played level 70+ on low difficulty levels where gold drops were tiny, item enchants were regular, and gem upgrades were constant. Blizzard has made many changes to Gold Find since then; cutting gem upgrade costs, reducing Artisan training and Enchanting costs, boosting gold drops, adding Gold Find to more items, and most impactfully, changing DiabloWikiGold Find to a multiplicative rather than an additive property. And of course they timed the Gold Find/Double Goblin buff for the first weekend of the Seasons, to give players an extra currency boost.

    Did it work? Was it enough? Too much? How are you guys doing on gold with your new Seasonal characters? And does anyone want to rhapsodize about the wonders of the Hoarder gem?

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    Latest Diablo 3 News

    Vote: Diablo 3 Seasons Ladder Rush: Fix the Cheese?

    Posted 2 Sep 2014 by at 00:08 GMT

    Over the weekend we saw the first every Diablo 3 ladder rush on DiabloWikiLIVE, and as you heard on this morning’s podcast, there were several competing speedy leveling strategies, and one major issue with cheese.

    The cheese deserves first mention, as it dominated the Softcore ladder race. As covered in our post from Friday night, players were able to exploit the experience rewards from several bounties that do not require players to kill any monsters to hit level 70 in under two hours, which was 3-4x faster than it was possible to level by actually killing things.

    How to Bounty Exploit to the Top

    The gimmick is easy; just play on DiabloWikiTorment 6, restart games until you get one of the bounties that give experience without requiring any monster killing, then run (dying constantly) to activate the bounty and (after a short wait, usually filled with more dying) collect the reward. The best quest for this is The Miner’s Gold in Act Two since the quest giver is close to the waypoint and quickly/easily found, but it’s also popular via the Jar of Souls in Act One and the Miser’s Treasure in Act Five.

    Softcore players were able to do this, in four player games, to gain experience at least three times faster than players could by actually playing on a real difficulty level, killing enemies, etc. As N3rdwords described on the podcast, he started the ladder the second it went live Friday night, clearing bounties very fast with three friends (in softcore), all of them with good builds and cooperation, and they’d just hit level 29 when the first people dinged to 70. And as you know from the way experience increases, 30 is nowhere hear 3/7 of the time/exp required to reach 70. More like 1/4.

    The question then, is what should Blizzard do about this exploit? If anything? Most players I’ve talked to feel like there’s no point in a ladder rush in a fresh season if by far the fastest way to level is spread over crackers with a nice chardonnay. And most players are frustrated since all of these leveling exploits were demonstrated and documented during the seasons on the DiabloWikiPTR, giving Blizzard plenty of time to observe and fix them. But perhaps my sample is unrepresentative of the community as a whole, so let’s find out. Survey time!

    Vote: Diablo 3 Seasons Ladder Rush: Fix the Cheese?

    Should Blizzard fix the exploitable bounties that reward huge exp for no killing?

    View Results

    Loading ... Loading ...

    What do you guys think? Exploit or strategy? Needs fixing crucial issue or not a big deal? After all, it’s not as if this exploit only works from 1-50 or something. Players used this from 1-70, and some guys kept going, racing to Paragon 100+ in just hours on Friday night. The obvious drawback is that you’re going to find zero useful equipment since you’re hardly killing any monsters at all, but getting to Paragon 100+ when legit players aren’t even to 70 is obviously a huge advantage long term.

    Add Monster Counters to the Bounties

    I mentioned in comments since no one seemed to remember… none of the “Kill Monster X” bounties had kill counters at first in the RoS beta. You just had to find the monster and kill it, which led to a cheesy style that was very exploitable by characters with good movement speed skills, so Blizzard added in the “kill 100 monsters AND monster X” counters, which made for a much better and more balanced play experience.

    Now they just need to do the same thing for the Miner’s Gold, Jar of Souls, etc. Even if players only had to kill 20 or 50 monsters on those (or the champion pack in the Miser’s Treasure A5), it would eliminate the “rush through them with a no-gear char on T6 for huge bounty exp” exploits that marred this first Season’s ladder rush. Problem solved!

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