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Many multiple problems on homepage.

Discussion in 'Feedback, Suggestions & Support' started by Frantic, Sep 20, 2013. | Replies: 1 | Views: 1498

  1. Frantic

    Frantic IncGamers Member

    Jul 29, 2011
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    Right now I can't see any comments in any of the articles on the homepage. When I click on an article's comments it will show no comments and no ability to make a comment. I cleaned out the cookies and now it only shows the capatcha but still no comments or an ability to comment.

    I have had other problems too. I can't log in on the home page (I used to be able to). I can't edit posts (I assume you deactivated that function). I can't vote either (I've rarely been able to, 99% of the time it doesn't work).

    edit: Hmmm.. appears to be in IE issue. Seems to be working on Chrome.
  2. Rushster

    Rushster Administrator

    Jun 21, 2003
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    If you have javascript disabled you may have problems. We have moved the comment system and some aspects of the site over to Ajax for dynamic delivery to speed things up.

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