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LIGHT IS LIFE - the akajakob build for invincible wizard (HC) (not a bug this time)

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 Hardcore Forum' started by akajakob, Jul 11, 2013. | Replies: 0 | Views: 684

  1. akajakob

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    Jul 11, 2013
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    Disclaimer. the purpose of this post is to show a way to farm in total safety even with a lagging internet, in solo or in a crappy party. Also, I'll like to find some good wizard to help me with the deveolping of the build

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently playing hardcore and enjoying the Schaefer's build to protect myself against disconnection and lag spikes with my barbarian (references:

    I figured it out a way to improve it and bring it to a wizard and I came out with this:

    i did all the tests with a very crappy wizard (47k life, 600 AR and 53k dps) and still, as you can see, she manage to survive while AFK even in very bad situation, killing everybody around her.

    Also, the build is pretty damn funny to play, gives you a huge AOE damage for a fast and effective farming and allows you to go around with your improved arcon, renouncing to half of your dps but gaining a very high "indirect" dps due to the lightnings.

    The build I used allows you to play safely and fast even without being in arcon, for an old style/diablo 2 full light sorceress but it can be changed to improve the dps or the defense renouncing to the possibility of being effective without arcon.

    Here is the build:!hZf!cZcaaZ

    electrocute/arc lightning: AOE damage, buffed by the build and by the stone of jordan
    lightning idra: as above, single target
    improved arcon: the skill with almost always use for farming. If it expires, we can either play without you quite well, or go back to town for debuffing
    magic weapon, elctrify: dps boost, lightning damage buffed by the build
    storm armor, reactive armor: huge range, greatly buffed by the build
    familiar, vigoron: 620 life per second, we have to survive!


    unstable anomaly: we are playing harcore
    blur: as abover
    galvanizing ward: increases the duration of storm armor and gave us 620 life per second (1240 in total only from the skills)

    the stone of jordan with lightning damage that should have the buffs from the weapon and the equip
    3 tal rasha pieces to have the buff to lightning damage:
    amulet with lightning damage and, if possible, with critical hit damage
    tal rasha chest
    tal rash elm

    zuni pox with critical hit chance
    zuni boots

    The SCHAEFER'S HAMMER has a chance up to 50% while hit to cast a lightning shield that protect us, dealing damage to everybody around and activating life steal, allowing us to stay alive while AFK. It HAS to have life steal! Try to get one with the lighning statistics close to the cap.

    The lightning damage of the schaefer's hammer is increased by: primary stat, average damage, critical hit chance and critical hit damage. The highest the damage, the highest the life we get. He can easily crit for 3 times your paper dps, many enemies at a time and it last for about 4 seconds after activation (it is basically always active)

    p.s. This video has been done in a hurry with a very crappy wizard that everybody can get in HC mode with very little gold. Better wizard should be able to survive to any disconnection at least at mp3.

    p.s.2: I had not the chance to register a decent guide and to deeply study the maths of the lightning buff. If anybody wants to help me with it and has a good wizard in hc, it will be greatly appreciated.

    p.s.3: Credits goes to FieleXCD and the guys that were present in team speak when this build has been thought the first time.

    p.s.4: the video should be visible in one hour from now, I have to go and can't wait for it.

    p.s.5: I didn't know where to post it. If in hardcore, theory crafting or wizard section. Please move it to where it should be

    enjoy and stay alive!

    here is the video i made for the barbarian, even if after 4 min of music I start to explain the build in italian

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