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Is this WW barb ready for Interno Act 1 MP 1

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 Hardcore Forum' started by vishos, May 15, 2013. | Replies: 2 | Views: 2153

  1. vishos

    vishos IncGamers Member

    Apr 30, 2009
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    Fellow Hardcore players,

    I've seen a bunch of different stat ranges thrown around regarding preparedness for Inferno MP 1 act 1 and I feel like i'm a bit shy of any dps benchmark mentioned anywhere, but my ehp I believe is reasonably on par with where it should be.

    Is it crazy for me to take my fresh 60 ww barb to MP 1 act 1?

    I have already duplicated the gear on my SC barb to test it out and honestly it felt fine, things didn't explode instantly or anything like that. But i was able to do 3 full clears of fields, weeping hollow and festering woods without really getting into any trouble.

    My own thought would be that I really don't have any lag protection because my passive regen is super low, is that a problem?

    All input is greatly appreciated.
  2. Matt

    Matt IncGamers Site Pal

    Jun 22, 2003
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    While I don't play a WW barb anymore (and only did for a brief time), I think your stats are fine. Your EHP and life steal/LoH should be plenty to stay safe in all but the very worst packs, which are a danger for most characters.

    Your DPS could use a little boost, but that will come as you improve the gear. WW's large area of effect with nados will allow you to kill reasonably quickly as is, with room to improve as you can.

    Shoot me a message on VTMatt#1240 if you want to run some MP1s together!
  3. TheDarkSide

    TheDarkSide Clan Officer - US East Hardcore

    Dec 20, 2003
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    My barb which is fairly similiar except I have more paragon levels can handle MP1 pretty easily.. Id definately say stay in act 1 till you get some levels but Act 1 and 2 are the best act anyways for Exp in the new patch. They Nerfed the scorpions in act 3 of all Exp but act4 is a lot tougher and should be avoided until you gain a few Paragon levels..

    I tried the WW build around level 10 paragon and found it unsafe for my liking - to each his own ... And Id use a shield in HC just because the Dps is nice but resists are nicer.. If you hit a nasty pack it might hurt and u cant do anything if you take a dirt nap....

    IMO of course....

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