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A Call to Arms(For a mod)

Discussion in 'Player Matchup' started by MoCheese, Feb 9, 2013. | Replies: 0 | Views: 2020

  1. MoCheese

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    Feb 2, 2013
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    I've played Diablo I and 2 off and on since they came out basically. I've beat Diablo I, Hellfire, Diablo II, and LoD. I've completed the Torch quest, and beaten LoD on Hardcore. AND I even won a duel that one time. But the great thing about Diablo II is that even after you beat the game, there are mods out there that can suck you right back into it, and they have with me. I've played a ton of mods, and I've even beaten a few. I have finished Median XL and Eastern Sun and they were great fun no doubt, difficult too. but there's this one mod, this one damn mod I've never been able to finish. Be it because of friends quitting or me myself being unable to play and finish, whatever. I've been trying to finish this thing since 2005 I believe and I've never done it.

    The mod is Hell Unleashed.

    For those of you who have heard of it, no explination necessary. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's pretty simple, just think of it as Diablo II on Steroids. The items are better, the enemies are tougher and the reward for completing it will be enhanced as well. There are two major differences with this mod compared to Diablo II though. The first big difference is that it is a coop mod. It was designed around needing a group of different styles and damages to complete. The other big difference is that is a boss mod. Bosses are way tougher, but you get plenty of great drops both rare and unique to compensate. Put these two differences together and you've got the making of a great mod. This mod also has two completely original and new uber quests which I want to complete as well.

    Since I've blathered on enough already I'll keep this as short as I can. We are looking for one, MAYBE two more people to join myself and a buddy to go through this thing and complete it. Because of problems with the mod in its current state(A long story), we are playing an older version. We are also using Hamachi and Skype. We are looking for someone who knows Diablo II really well yet. Can work as a team and wants to go through this whole thing the right way. Someone that can play often(every 2 to 3 days on average I'd say).

    If you want a tougher Diablo II with an emphasis on teamwork and bosses with bigger and better loot, then send me a PM and we will see about getting together. USEast timezone. We've just finished Act 2 so we can catch you up easily enough.

    EDIT : Forgot the link!

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