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    How to install the Diablo 2 to windows 7

    Hi All... Who ones would solve my problem..
    Need some guidance. I have trouble to install Diablo 2 to my laptop (windows 7). After I run the .exe The screen shows up like this:


    can someone give me a help with this? It can not work with serial number/CD key/key generator. And i don't know what the meaning of the written is in the column. Please..

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    Re: How to install the Diablo 2 to windows 7

    Erfan, we are a legitimate site. We neither condone nor support cheaters like you who steal the game. What you do on your own machine is up to you, but please do not post about illegal and unethical activities. Thank you.
    OH PLEASE HELP I found out why Waldo's always hiding he did so many horrible things please let me in he's righ


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