Hi everyone,

I'm 31 years old and I played D2 when it originally came out back when I was 18. Over the years I have picked it up again a few different times.

A couple months ago I decided to start up again with two of my friends. They both lost interest but I'm still enjoying it. I currently play non-ladder softcore on USWest. I prefer to play necromancers (both skelly and bone) and barbarians. I want to make a really good kickassin, but haven't quite figured that one out yet. I have character ADD so I don't usually level up past 50. I'd like to change that and finally take a character all the way through Hell.

With the upcoming ladder reset, I was going to switch to Ladder. I'd like to find a group to play with if possible. Anyone on USWest still playing? I may switch to USEast if there are more active players there.