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    Question Where are my demon trappers at?

    It's rare I come across another DH using traps effective, I know how to use them effective and have survived so far, with them. Hardcore mode player here. Do you like to use traps, I know there aren't many at all, but to me they are more lethal. WHERE ARE MY TRAPPERS AT?! RAISE YOUR MOUSE TRAPS IN UNIFICATION!

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    Re: Where are my demon trappers at?

    Not HC but I use Caltrops/jagged spikes. I like the slow. It helps survivability. The spikes doesn't do a lot of damage to bosses but every little bit helps.
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    Re: Where are my demon trappers at?

    Love using the caltrops and passive 15% damage to slowed enemies combo!

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    Re: Where are my demon trappers at?

    I favoured traps too but I've swapped it out for Vengeance (From the Shadows) now.

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    It has saved my life so many times now.
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