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    Diablo 2 Himachi Server

    I want to play this game with some people over Himachi! Im running Diablo II 1.13D (Latest Official Blizzard Patch)
    Server Info for Himachi Is...

    Server: DarkSektor6
    Password: pureblackmurder64

    Ill Kick anyone who is inactive and I'll try to be on all the time so I can Greet Whoever Joins in. No Cheats, No Mods, No BS, Just pure classic Diablo 2, looking for at least one other hardcore badass who loves this game just as much as me.

    If I'm Not on it, just Message me here if your interested, and lets set up a time to play! Please guys =( haha
    I need a d2 buddy.
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    Re: Diablo 2 Himachi Server

    Really No one?

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    Re: Diablo 2 Himachi Server

    Wrong forum, check out the spf and the mp forum.

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