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    Re: Frozen Orb vs. Blizzard

    Quote Originally Posted by MYK View Post
    GS doesn't need a hotkey; it should live on the left mouse button spot.
    I hotkey my left mouse button skills...

    ...and shun people who don't.

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    Re: Frozen Orb vs. Blizzard

    I solo in 8 player games on the ladder and I have never lost a lvl 30+ Sorceress (HC obviously) and I rarely use GS. Orb will chill everything anyway. The main reason why I use Orb over Blizzard is Blizz seems to occasionally totally miss a monster that walks through it, maybe it's better once you get certain items in game, but I have never really found it reliable enough to beat the best skill in the game (yes, even better than Lighting Fury).

    You can basically spam orbs and never run out of mana and they are easy to aim for maximum effect once you get used to them.


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