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    Just showing my barb

    Hi all,

    I've been playing D3 for three weeks now. It's quite a fun game so far! I love melee classes, so the choice for a barb was only natural. He just made it to Inferno Act 2, and I thought I'd show him.

    So this is Snikkelbaard, my Plvl 2 (or whatever the acronyms are of this game). His weapon is a 932.8 DPS Socketed Chopsword of Malice, with a perfect square emerald. I can only guess that this was an insanely lucky craft, when I made this halfway through Hell act 3. Inferno act 1 was actually easier than Hell act 1, thanks to this lovely craft. Then again, I was still Cleaving around, with Rupture, before I switched to Bash

    I've used Seismic slam for most of the game, but in Hell I switched to Rend, and I haven't looked back. EQ is just beautiful. I've used it much ever since it was unlocked. I just didn't like the concept and playstyle of WotB.

    As for the rest of my equipment, His boots are ok. I pretty must insist that they have +MS (just making up my own acronyms for now, if you don't mind ^^), and therefore I walked around most of the game on a pair of level 22 or so, with +MS and a bit of str and vit. It seems really hard to get good jewelry. The rare ring is quite ok, but the magical one is quite outdated. The amulet is ok I guess. I wish my helm had a socket, but alas, no such luck.

    Other than that, I recently dropped from around 37k life to around 30k, to roughly double my resists to around 300. So far I've always played on the default monster power setting, and it goes pretty well most of the time. Haven't used the AH, and I'm not planning to. And of course, I haven't MP'd (hence I post in here! ).

    Playstyle is as follows:
    1. Leap attack to/between the monsters
    2. If it is a though looking boss mob, use Earthquake. Skip otherwise
    3. Rend
    4. Build up more fury with Bash
    5. Rend (even though the previous one hasn't expire yet. My internal clock just sucks.)
    6. Use Ignore Pain if taking a lot of damage. Skip otherwise.
    7. Spam Revenge during 3-6
    8. Drink potion if necessary
    9. Bash to finish off the last of the mob

    Oh noes! They are too tough!
    1. Panic
    2. Leap attack / run away
    3. Use Rend
    4. Run away some more
    5. Bash a few times to again fury
    6. Rend some more
    7. Pray for Ignore Pain cooldown to wear off
    8. Hopefully win anyway. Quietly weap otherwise.

    So far it's been working quite well! Do you guys have any suggestions? Either way, I hope you've enjoyed reading! I'll keep you updated!

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    Re: Just showing my barb


    Yes that crafted weapon is very lucky. Good jewelry is hard come by since you can't craft any just by leveling Shen. You'll be able to craft rare amulets once you find the designs and a unique ring once you've gathered the materials throughout inferno.

    You once you get to where you're making frequent gear decisions, you might want to use


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