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    Re: Is this illegal in your mind?

    Quote Originally Posted by inboy View Post
    OK, hypothetical situation.

    A brewery employs an 18 year old boy. His position does not require him to handle any of the beer, but he does handle the packaging (bottles, boxes, etc).

    One of the perks of his working for the brewery is a free case of beer to go along with his paycheck. Now, since he is under-age, the boy is not allowed to hang out at the brewery and drink pints of beer with his co-workers, but he is allowed to claim his free case of beer and take it home.

    Does this seem illegal to you, or is it cool since there is no proof that he is drinking the beer? Also bear in mind that he is not buying the beer; it is part of the compensation offered for working at the brewery.
    Not illegal in my mind for him to work in the factory. I'm not sure about the beer case thingy only because legally I don't think the factory could give it to him. The factory would not want to be responsible for him drinking and driving or if he gets pulled over and is in possession of beer. Not only would the youn'un get in trouble, but the factory would most likely get fined too.

    I live in Texas where it is legal for 18 year olds to serve alcohol. 17 year olds can sell it as well however it can't be open. Example: High school kids who work at grocery stores can sell cases of beer to 21 and up, but the case/cans are closed. A 17 yr. old could not serve an open bottle of beer or a glass of wine to a customer. An 18 year old can serve an open bottle of beer/glass of wine. And no matter what the age, you have to be TABC certified in order to even sell to a patron. Sorry, used to be a bartender and whenever a high school student had a table who ordered alcohol, I would have to take it to the table for them. And because they couldn't touch it, they had to tip me more. ^_^

    Quote Originally Posted by Pixie View Post
    If he's underage, I don't see why the brewery would give him a compensatory case of beer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elly View Post
    Is it illegal to drink alcohol in your home if you're under 21 in the US? In the UK you can drink at the age of 5 in your home with your parent's consent, that's why I ask. You can't buy alcohol until you're 18 however.
    Technically.... yes. Say a kid has a high school party and the parent buys alcohol for the party and allows underage drinking, the adult can get in trouble. Child endangerment and whatever else. Here in Texas, the law does allow underage adults to drink but in the company of their parent/legal guardian. Now, there are a lot of places that don't allow this because of fines and etc. (the place I used to work at a looooong time ago was like this) but, unless the law has changed and I was not aware of it, it's okay in public with a parent/legal guardian. Texas also considers 17 year olds as legal adults but.... Eh. *throws hands up in air* If we consider 17 YOs legal, but the rest of the country considers 18 YOs legal.... Who overrules what, ya know? Pretty sure national overrrules state so I answered my own question. >.>

    Quote Originally Posted by Goldtru View Post
    *sharp intake of air, too many possibilities to make caveman joke, brain locks up.

    Or, as Tosh would say - "let's put 20 seconds on the clock and see how many Kegs the Caveman jokes we can make."

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    Re: Is this illegal in your mind?

    Back to what really happens in my mind.

    U can close this any time.

    But I like Having a Open MiND!
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