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    F/T List - Looking for IK Gear

    Looking for:
    IK Set items
    Raven's frost ring
    Barb Torch



    Frostburn Gauntlets - 20% ED, perfect
    Eschuta’s Temper Eldritch Orb, +2 Sorc skills, +15% Lightning, +10% Fire, 21 Energy
    Ribcracker Quarterstaff, 238% ED
    Arm of King Leoric Tomb Wand
    Shaftstop Mesh Armor (188%ED)
    Baranar’s Star Devil Star
    Ghoulhide Heavy Bracers (5% mana steal, 162% ED)
    Spectral Shard Blade
    Harlequin Crest Shako (110 def)
    Arkain's Valor (+1 skill, 171% ED, damage reduced by 11)

    3OS Mage Plate (232 def)
    3OS Eth Great Hauberk (954 def)
    3OS Eth Wire Fleece (702 def)
    2OS Superior Troll’s nest (9% EDef=189 total def)
    6OS Crystal Sword
    2OS Eth Ghost Armor (258 def)
    White Colossus blades (2x)
    4OS Sup Flail (8%ED)
    5OS Flail
    4OS Flail
    4OS Highland Blade (2x)
    0OS Highland Blade
    6OS Colossus Blade
    4OS Partizan (2x)
    White Wire Fleece (478 Def)
    3OS Diamond Mail (484 Def)
    3OS Sacred Armor (590 Def)
    3OS Sacred Armor (556 Def)
    4 OS Sacred Rondache (158 def, +36% resists)

    Rare Amulet
    Glacial Amulet of Sorcery (+3 cold skills, +15 Energy, Level 46)
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