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    Why arent there any games on classic

    I just started a classic account and I'm in normal mode. Usually, I only see 1-2 games listed on the join screen. So what happened? Are people always in a private game? Are they all in Hell mode? Are they on a different server (I'm in us east)?

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    Re: Why arent there any games on classic

    You didnt write if you play ladder or non-ladder.
    Ladder has more players who go for the thrill of a new season and start new chars, while NLD has more people who duel -> and play in hell games. In both ladder and NLD it is hard to find games in nightmare difficulty, everyone tries to skip it as fast as possible (rush) to participate in hell CS runs.

    The sad truth is that Diablo is an 13 year old game and people are slowly moving away from it (other games, life, bored because saw everything). Classic is not that popular as LOD, which still has lots games at any difficulty.

    Nowadays, many people make private games, or the runs (try to) have 7 players -> and are not displayed on the list; but the real answer to your question is that there are simply few gamers.

    Some say that for every 1 game that you see, there are at least 8 that you dont see, but Im not sure if this was ever correct and if this is just something based on assumptions not real statistics.

    I think Europe was supposed to be the most popular realm for classic, but I dont play classic any more... just log in every few months play for a day and then quit.

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    Re: Why arent there any games on classic

    There are almost no games up at all on UsWest, Classic Ladder.

    The only games I see are enchant bots in normal and the chaos sanctuary bots in hell, pepper 1 human made room per difficulty at best.


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