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    Separating D2 and D3 in advanced search and today's posts

    Using search or the "today's posts" feature D2 and D3 threads are mixing together. When I visit the site I usually do it with a specific purpose in mind like reading about people's opinion on a piece of D3 news or looking up a build for assassins. Because I'm playing D2 I don't really want to read D3 threads in today's posts and likewise when I was playing D3 I didn't really care for D2 discussion.

    If you are familiar with the problem is similar albeit less tolerable there. It used to be a site exclusively for starcraft, then they introduced starcraft 2 and later even dota 2 which has nothing to do with the original site what so ever so now people going there for starcraft exclusive information are constantly stumbling over irrelevant content they don't care for.

    If there is a way to get around this problem please tell me how and if not, I suggest extending advanced search and today's post with a simple switch that let's those features exclude all D2 or all D3 subforums. The advanced search options are full of arbitrary tags with not much reason or rhyme to them not to mention that there seems to be a display bug on both firefox and chrome that clearing cookies didn't solve: the prefix dropdown menu is permanently open and covers the 'search in forums', 'find threads with' and 'find posts' options.

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    Re: Separating D2 and D3 in advanced search and today's posts

    Hi good i like it


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