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    Hey can someone help me kill normal Duriel?

    I'm in a normal game called Duriel, and have no change of killing him, since no one's coming to my game, if anyone is free and would like to help.

    NVM apparently this is against the forum rules, it's been so long that I forgot but not sure how to delete this thread now

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    Re: Hey can someone help me kill normal Duriel?

    This is not against the forum rules!

    Begging is frowned upon, but not asking for help!

    If you are playing EU Ladder, I can do that easily for you. Send me a PM!

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    Re: Hey can someone help me kill normal Duriel?

    I don't know if this helps, but using thawing potions for yourself (and giving them to your mercenary) can will boost your cold resistances significantly for ~30 seconds. Drinking additional thawing potions will increase that resistance boost duration.

    When you run of healing potions in your belt, head back to town. Rinse. Then repeat. Duriel won't regenerate during this time.

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    Re: Hey can someone help me kill normal Duriel?

    No harm, no foul.

    In the future, please use our dedicated help thread if you're looking for in-game assistance. You may also wish to read the first post in that topic as it has some useful information.

    Feel free to PM me (or any available moderator) if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks and good luck!


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