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    This exactly, Flux. I don\'t know why others aren\'t getting it. Once the game has a single player mode then, unless somehow they use completely different code for EVERYTHING, people will have the code to how the game works and can then make exploits at will. Closed, open; it just doesn\'t matter. Once the code is out there, via offline mode, it\'s all downhill.

    Now, personally I played DII single player only. The only person I ever played with after leaving was my wife. Not much chance of hacking there. But if I ever wanted to play online with PUG\'s or whatever, I was at the mercy of whatever the hack-of-the-day was. Duped SOJ\'s, PK\'s, you name it.

    So yeah, folks, DIII console is exactly what Flux is saying; its what DIII PC would be if there was any kind of offline mode. No amount of security would stop hacking once the game code that\'s currently running on the servers is out in the wild.

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    Re: Diablo 3 Console Item Hacks Abound

    Nah, that's completely wrong. In reality it probably wouldn't differ very much from its current state.

    D2's code was always available and closed bnet was never in the state you described.

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    Re: Diablo 3 Console Item Hacks Abound

    I just had my first encounter with a hacked item. Black Price, a ring that had three sockets with top tier amertyst, had 600+ to all stats, had holy dmg that was ridiculious, lvl req lowered by 62 lvl and other insane stats. I left that game, couldnt do jack****.


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