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    Diablo 3 Console Item Hacks Abound

    This issue came up both of the Diablo 3 console podcasts we've posted thus far, where the players were avoiding public games since there were already so many hacked items. That was within the first week or two of release. Now that it's been a month the hacked and duped items have spread that much further, and fans are posting similar words in the forums.

    I was wondering if we could get an update as to why this items are being allowed and what it's going to be done in the future about it. This is diablo3... Not 2. I didn't think this was going to happen again.

    I created a game and opened to public when some cool ppl joined and we started talking while smashing every demon we saw. He told me my gear sucked and game me an azurewrath with 3 sockets and some crazy dmg like 14k. I took it and started playing with it thinking that it was just an amazing item this dude wasn't using any more... Then he taught me how to dupe and showed me some crazy rare rings with close to 12 magical properties each.

    Right away I went to do some research and found out about modded items and duping and stuff. If I get my acc erase with my toons so be it... I dropped the sword last night before going to bed. You can have 12 trillion dmg and one shot everything... Then what? Game and the fun that I experience at the beginning of the game when it first came out for console goes out the window. I rather self find things and just play the game even if I have to struggle.

    Nevalistis: In order to bring Diablo III to consoles, we knew significant changes were going to be necessary to make the game accessible to the widest possible console audience. One of those changes was the option to play offline on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. A byproduct of this feature is that these save files don't require verification, which lets you jump straight into slaughtering the minions of Hell.

    While exploring ways to discourage exploitative behavior is something we're continuing to do (so thank you for your reports), players appear to be enjoying their battles through Sanctuary and finding great loot along the way. Based on feedback we've received, we believe this experience has more value than simply copying another person's set of gear. [source][/source]

    Since the CM can't really say what she's thinking, I'll do it for her. Remember how so many people complained about D3's online-only security requirement before and during the game's launch, and how Blizzard defended it largely by hack prevention? So now we get the D3 console without an online-only security requirement, and it's instantly full of hacked items, and so many people complain about that. Not to be Mr. Blizzard Defender... but what did you guys think was going to happen?

    Video games that aren't secured by online-only modes, with much of the data stored on the server, get hacked. Even a lot of games that are so secured get hacked. People want to cheat, and if they are not absolutely prevented from doing so, they will. As even the OP in the blue thread said, he quickly got bored using the hacked items boring and dumped them to continue playing self found. If you want to play the game legit, that's really all you can do. Choose not to cheat and play with friends who don't cheat. Or play D3 PC/Mac version with secure, online-only characters.

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    Flux I would assume you knew what people wanted from D3 , we were not complaining about Online Only characters on , we wanted separated offline characters , just like in D2 with Single Player and Closed

    If they choose to give PC players the option to play offline , I hope they don\'t allow Single Player characters on at all not like Open in D2 , because many hacked items were transferred to Closed through some hacks or inducing lag spikes and crashing games to allow those characters to join Closed sessions and drop all the items to Closed characters and introducing some of the craziest items in D2 history like Occy rings and Hacked string of ears and so on.

    I also agree with the CM on this one though , I never expected Consoles to be dupe and hack free , just avoid the hackers and play with friends or self found , if you choose to ruin your own experience by duping and hacking items then go for it , but then what is the point in playing Diablo if you can give yourself everything you want in seconds ? where is the fun in that ?

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    Re: Diablo 3 Console Item Hacks Abound

    I find it a little far fetched to use this as an argument against offline play, or it is at least a weak one. Of course we know that, whenever you are going to allow Single Play characters in an online environment, that environment is going to be hacked to pieces. And I suspect that even if Single Player characters are stored completely separately, it won't take long until they start to trickle in the online environment. I admit that allowing offline play will have some consequences like that.

    But the downside of it. So far I've lost 5 HC characters due to unforeseen lag spikes, or I start up the game and see the message that they are currently experiencing lag and connection issues and decide I can't play then. Or I go out on a holiday with my laptop and can't play because there's no good internet connection. I'm an avid supporter of an offline mode and the news that hacked items are popping up on the console servers is not really changing my opinion. Might be a bit selfish, I admit, since hacked items won't bother me one bit if I stay offline anyway...

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    If you believe that there aren\'t still duped items in the D3 economy today, then you\'re either naive or uninformed.

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    Re: Diablo 3 Console Item Hacks Abound

    Quote Originally Posted by Hound View Post
    Since the CM can't really say what she's thinking, I'll do it for her. <a href="">Remember how so many</a> people <a href="">complained about</a> D3's online-only <a href="">security requirement</a> before and <a href="">during the game's launch</a>, and how Blizzard defended it largely by hack prevention? So now we get the D3 console without an online-only security requirement, and it's instantly full of hacked items, and so many people complain about that. Not to be Mr. Blizzard Defender... but what did you guys think was going to happen?
    I don't know... Maybe they could do what they did in Diablo 2? Offline single-player for people who want that, open for the cheaters who can't keep their hands out of the cookie jar and "closed" that was cheat secure for people who wanted an online social experience without the cheating. Now there was tons of cheating in ladder in Diablo 2, but Diablo 3 is not totally secure either. The online-only requirement is still nothing but DRM, which is perfectly fine. But they really need to stop lying about it.

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    D2 was full of hacked items. not just dupes, but outright hacked in many ways. I\'m not a programmer to say how that happens or what could stop it, but I\'ve heard many times that a big vulnerability comes when hackers get the network code, which was included in D2 for offline play and TCP/IP/LAN play. Which was part of the reason D3 didn\'t include any offline play.

    Personally I\'ve always thought the online only was 99% anti-piracy with everything else just a tiny bit of icing on the cake, but try getting a Bliz person to even acknowledge that reality.

    Presumably a game like D3 could offer a purely single-player offline version, without including any networking ability (no TCP/IP option) that would 1) allow offline play, but 2) not give hackers any insight into cracking the system. But I don\'t think that would please fans who wanted offline mode, and would certainly displease bliz and all of their \"d3 is best played in a group\" comments.

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    At least the console gives people choices.. Play safe and without cheats with nice friend -or- play with cheats or with cheaters.

    I would play offline solo, if there wasnt any good friend playing it with me.

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    \"A byproduct of this feature is that these save files don’t require verification\"

    I call bs. \"Offline\" does not mean that you don\'t require verification when you go to play online. They just didn\'t want to put it into the game because it would take either programming time or a brain (incidentally two things they were probably lacking). And look, it now appears to justify their decision to not allow pc offline, although that is a load of crap, too.

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    Essentially, there is no way to get good random PUG matchmaking w/ these problems. And good, random PUG matchmaking is a more important feature than offline play. Yes, we want to play w/ our friends, but everyone doesn\'t have the same schedules, sometimes things happen. And random games are better w/o TPPK hacked bot spam. Yes, D3 has some dupes (mainly the account recovery scams), but compared to D2 or console, it\'s night and day. One thing that always impressed me was how well they built WoW. 9 years on, the worst they\'ve ever dealt w/ are fishing and battleground bots. I mean, really minor stuff. Flat out account theft was the only way to go for the RMT market.

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    Why couldn\'t blizzard use a system like BitCoin on the console?

    Whenever a player logs into a multiplayer game, it checks the game save against the same game save according to all other players/servers online at the time, if there are any errors, they take the highest consensus of the saves and apply it to that account. Thus, anything duped/hacked would get removed based on data that was saved in what might be considered a \"cloud\".

    Problem solved, single player + effective anti-hacking multiplayer.


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