A feedback rating will be familiar to anyone who uses ebay. It's a figure that indicates the number of positive feedback ratings a trader has received. It is a useful tool for traders in assessing if they wish to do business with another trader.

A Trader Rating system has been in operation on Diablo: IncGamers since the days of Diablo 2 and has proved incredibly useful over the years. Useful for traders as well as moderators who are often called upon when trades go bad. An accurate history of the member's trading practices can prove very helpful when trying to determine who could be at fault.

When to Leave Feedback

  • When a trade has successfully concluded.
  • When a trade that was supposed to go ahead does not because the other party has failed to complete.

How to Leave Feedback

Click the number underneath the member's post/avatar.

On that page on the right hand side click the link 'Submit Feedback for XXX'. Click that.

You'll come to this page

It's pretty self explanatory page, nice and easy, just select the drop downs and leave a one line of text to say how the experience went.

Fill it out honestly. If you have to choose 'Negative' feedback then feel free to do so. If the experience has been bad through no fault of your own you should say so. A moderator can assist if need be.

How to Leave Return Feedback

If the other party has left feedback for the trade and you want to also you click the feedback rating under your own name (as above).

You'll see the other party's feedback there, click on the small icon with two heads labelled 'Submit Rating for this Deal' and leave your feedback.

You will also get a notification in your Private Messages to say someone has left you feedback and that will contain a link to leave feedback.

I have a question about Trader Feedback

Any questions about trading here or Trader Feedback Rating please leave a comment here and we will answer it.