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Thread: Is Tyrael...

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    Is Tyrael...

    Is Tyrael really a human? I've been wondering this since I first saw that amazing cutscene you see after he regains his memories, because from what I know humans are the offspring of angels and demons which is why they can good and evil, so I find it rather odd that Tyrael can just choose to become a human and the conversations with him in-game suggests that he does see things from a different perspective.

    Maybe this has already be answered, but google search didn't turn up anything, so I just thought I should ask.

    Edit: Just started thinking about it and maybe it's mortality that makes him see things differently? Or perhaps I should just take it with a grain of salt and stop playing Darks Souls so much.

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    Re: [Spoiler] Is Tyrael...

    The reason why he regains his memories is because his sword, El'druin, is part of his very being.
    I'd say that his physical body is human, but his "soul" is one of an angel.

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    Re: Is Tyrael...

    him and his soul are at one basically.

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    Re: Is Tyrael...

    Super late reply, but he is mortal NOT human. I know that sounds like semantics but makes a big difference.

    Quite interesting is that it comes up in the RoS teaser when Malthael starts "extracting" Tyrael's soul. He realises it is angelic and subsequently lets Tyrael live. His soul is somehow different than humans in this regard, so we can deduce that as humans are a descendants of both angels and demons, our souls are a combination of the two.

    My apologies if this reply is redundant.

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