Gold will absolutely lose almost all it's value (except for new players). It will have more value than in D2, but nothing like it did during the AH days.

It's funny, but if they'd stuck with a D2 TYPE of loot system, they could have saved themselves years of headaches.

And everyone that said that early on was pretty much thrown under the bus and stabbed (wild and dramatic exaggeration - mostly).

The thing is, if it's done right, you should have to trade to get most things you want (unless you make a miserably limited loot system, which I argue they have). Otherwise, you don't have a diablo game, you have a console game (again, opinion - I accept that other people like things to be simpler).

I am deeply disappointed to hear that the loot system will not be hugely expanded like it was in D2's expansion. It's like Blizzard was this amazing rock star and woke up one day and decided to become an accountant. They just aren't making good decisions anymore (yes, that's an opinion and it applies solely to my tastes in gaming).

I actually have been playing D2 now a ton more than D3. It's just not as good - even ten years later. Yes, it looks tons better. Yes, its very fluid and the sound, atmosphere, and actual play are solid. But....

Maybe, I simply have to understand that Blizzard is after a new market now. It's a market that gets frustrated with too many choices or complexity. That doesn't mean it's worse I guess. I guess it just means that I have to accept I'm no longer in the target market.