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    Mephisto Essence Drop

    Whats the deal with Mephisto and his essence? Diablo, Andy, Duriel, and Baal drop essences like crazy, Diablo dropped 2 at one time yesterday, but I ran Meph 35 times now and he wont drop an essence. I read on a few places that the rate is 1/15 or something like that but I have 5 or 6 of each other essence and no yellow one and I am getting seriously pissed. Is his drop rate super low or does my luck just suck?

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    Re: Mephisto Essence Drop

    Your luck sucks. I have been getting tons of meph essences, but non from Andy or Duriel :(

    Meph dropped 2 each time in 2 back to back runs for me yesterday, Andy I haven't got one in probably 20-25 runs.

    RNG is RNG. It comes and it goes.


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