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    Block Chance (Early Versions)

    Hey guys,
    I searched the web about calculation of the block chance and ofc found the well known formula. I was wondering if this is the original calculation since version 1.00 or it has changed with the later versions.
    Since I am playing 1.01 right now and there is no block chance indicator and I am not sure if it works as I know it.

    So I found the answer which is:
    Before the release of LoD, block chance was equal to the value of the shield. Dex and clvl don't play here.
    After 1.07 block chance is formed by block(shield), clvl and dex.
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    Re: Block Chance (Early Versions)

    Block chance is always the value what it says in the shield if you are not playing a LOD character even if you play 1.07+. If you make an expansion charater your block is determined by lvl dex and shield block value.


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