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    Question [help] most powerful pvm build

    Hi all,

    Please help me with the right character\build choise.
    A few links to a fresh build/tutorial will be great.

    My goal is to farm on INFERNO difficulty (this is the hardest mode, right?) at 10ppl (monster level?). Which is the right PvM char which can solo the inferno safe & easily?.

    Also I'm planning to reach paragon lvl100 (this is something not very useful but affects the mf%) Godly dmg/fast killing speed is a requirement! Most expensive builds in terms of gold/farming time are ok.

    i'm a hardcore d2 player; more than 7 chars in d2 ~98-99lvl hc/sc eu mostly necros, 7-8yrs ago
    ofc i'm planning to read a ton of tutorials on d3 mechanics; currently i desperately need a kick start in the right direction towards the "uber pvm build"

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    Re: [help] most powerful pvm build

    This site might help:

    It lists the most used skills, runes, and passives by the top characters in the world.

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    Re: [help] most powerful pvm build

    Barb - Hota/WW/WOTB
    DH - Snapshot RF
    WD - Firebats
    Wizard - CM/WW
    Monk - Nirvana Bells

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    Re: [help] most powerful pvm build

    Barbarian is considered to be a very strong character for farming.

    The build is typically as mentionned by Raveharu (but you do not care that much for the build as you can change it as you want).

    Now, the difficult part will be to find the right equipement to farm efficiently (except if you are using real money to buy objects).


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