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Thread: Howdy! :D

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    Howdy! :D

    Hello community! Long time D1, D2, & Median XL player making this post.

    I just went out and bought d3 for my 360 last night and I am absolutely infatuated with it.
    Currently a level 14 Wizard on Trailing the Coven... just got my first L drop from a
    Dark Summoner... now I am making fast work of mobs
    Would love to party with some fun yet mature diablo vets, would give me an excuset start a second character for .MP play only

    Gamertag is LeafyBug357, send a message my way or post here!
    Also up for new HC character to hone my survivability skills.
    Look forward to making new allies and having regular players to party with!

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    Re: Howdy! :D

    LeafyBug, you might chick in over on out Console forum and post a similar thread. You will probably get a better response to match making or even see if there is a dedicated thread for this in our player match up forum.

    And Welcome to the forum.


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