as I've finally gathered some wealth this ladder, I want to make a decent hybrid amazon build. I've read some guides (and I owe a great deal to an amazing Kijya's Gunslinger one) and decided to stick with the lightning / bow version (I know, I know, boooring.
To cut long story short, from my playstyle / preferences I've already chosen favourite skills:

-multishot (I invested only a few points to reach ~12 lvl with +skills items)
-charged strike
-lightning fury

I occasionally fire some guided arrows, too, but mostly because I think I have no other viable choice regarding my equipment:

-faith mb (I wanted more versatile gear choices than I'd have with GMB)
-giant skull
-the rest is pretty standard: LoH, Wartravs, raven, cat's eye, dual leech with str on it, and a quiver

My questions are:
-Which stick to choose for my merc? I thought of two options: Pride and Infinity. So far I ran into double (phys/light) immunes far too often for my liking, so maybe conviction will help in that department...

-what to keep on switch? I really dislike BO (I know it's viable, It's just I have that strange compulsive notion of re-casting it every 10 seconds, though it rarely runs out on its own). By now I have thunderstroke and some crap shield, to be replaced with head hunters glory w/facets or 1pdia / 2 facets. Any other viable options? Are Titans much detrimental to TS in terms of single target CS?

On a side note, I really don't lke strafe - I think it limits my tactics quite heavily, so in case of any serious gear alterations I'd like to maintain decent FPA for multishot.

I think that my lack of experience playing zons makes this char not as strong as she could be, so any advice will be appreciated.