Hello all. I'm came back to the game a few weeks ago and made an Archon Wizard (playing HC). I read on several guides / forums that the best weapon for an Archon Wizard is a 'black weapon', so I bought myself a cheap Echoing Fury to test it out. Oddly enough, although when comparing it to my current weapon it shows +damage, it doesn't seem to add that much to my current in game damage. Let me explain myself:

This is my character sheet with my current set of weapon and offhand, and this is with my new / test set of weapon and offhand. All screens were taken with Magic Weapon: Blood Magic and Familiar: Sparkflint on.

Now, I do realize that my sheet DPS is roughly the same, however when it comes to kill stuff in game, the Echoing Fury / Triumvirate numbers are actual lower than the Chantodos' combo. Is this because the attack speed is slower and the damage displayed is showed less frequently? How can I tell witch setup should I be using?

Any feedback or insight about this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

PS: Sorry for my lousy English, and if you need any further information please don't hesitate to ask.