Nice, you are at 70 k DPS and 1070 k EHP now (previously it was 76 k DPS nd 850 k EHP IIRC). Those numbers are good for MP5-7 (including Übers) depending on solo/party play etc. And you got a much better amulet I see.

But you still lack sustain. An off-hand like the one I linked earlier would give you +12% DPS (78.6 k DPS) and -9% EHP (970 k EHP). But more importantly, it would give you life steal. Life steal at 78 k DPS is working really well.

I really advice you to toss that shield and go dual wield. The sustain is what makes you survive high MP's, the shield just makes you loose life slower, it does not help getting it back up again. And the shield can't block most of the stuff that kill you anyway (most ground effects).