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    Re: Steven's Stupendious Guide to not Getting Slaughtered!

    Quote Originally Posted by Azbaz View Post
    Thanks for the guide! I've played up to Plvl 20+ in public games now, mostly act1 but also some act3.

    And I agree that having a fast SSD really helps with the loading times = lower chance of getting killed.
    Agreed. I've got an SSD though and when I ported into HELL sheer panic set in. I made it out somehow but almost went into cardiac arrest ^^ Better to never get into such a situation at all.

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    Re: Steven's Stupendious Guide to not Getting Slaughtered!

    Oh, and here's an exercise for everyone who has a Barb (and who doesn't?):

    Select "Unforgiving".

    Make a game, any game.

    As soon as you hit Start/Resume game mouse over where your fury bar is.

    As soon as you can actually see it make a note of how much fury you have.

    As you regen 2 fury a second, you can measure your load times with a half second precision.

    ...Even with a fast drive it was a 10-15 second gap, which is really odd given the actual load screen was significantly less than that.

    Regardless, that's how long you'd need to survive with no input from you if you ever zoned in a death trap.


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