hey all, i just started getting back into the game after a long hiatus (for frame of reference, i stopped playing back when inferno was pre-nerfed, way before all the MP levels, etc). So i started gearing up again, getting some tips from various people, and i've come up with I think an alright build (can certainly handle and tank mp10 with moderate difficulty, unless i get swarmed by more than 3 elite packs....lol). i am looking for improvements though, and want to get my dps up. i've seen builds of 300k dps and higher, heck my friends monk build is close to 600k dps...and he still has almost as much health as me....... so trying to bulk up my DH's dps level and would love suggestions on what I can do about it (preferably without sacrificing my resistances which are close to 700 each and vitality...which is important for mp10) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/T.../hero/36056591