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    Re: What is the safest and fastest class to farm Act1 MP1 (budget)?

    For the class choice I'd say Barb or WD are the easiest to get DPS up quicky/cheaply, with decent survival. Monk is my fave, but they have zero DPS boosting passives, and while the Monk's DPS display is deceptive (since they do crazy AOE and Mantra of Retribution doesn't show in your DPS) you do need more expensive gear to get a Monk strong enough to power farm MP1 or higher, compared to a WD or Barb.

    As for farming, anyone with low quality gear would be MUCH better off just grinding for EXP until at least Paragon 40 or 50. There's not much point in hunting legendaries until you're at least 300 MF, and if you're poor you will not have good gear with MF on it, so you'll have to make up the MF with Paragon levels.

    Also, get gear you can survive in and just stay with it. It's very easy to bleed off all your profits constantly making minor upgrades. Which is great unless/until you die, at which point you're right back to square one. In HC you want to build up some warchest and not put all your eggs in one basket, and early on that means sticking with "good enough" gear and banking your profits.

    These days you can get good enough gear for MP1 farming quite cheaply, 1m or less per slot (maybe more for a decent weapon). Then save up and invest 5-10m per slot for substantial upgrades. Also, salvage a lot and save up for crafting; you can make 50m value shoulders/bracers/gloves/amulet for a fraction that much in crafting, and it feels practically free if you build up all the mats and ToS yourself.
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    Re: What is the safest and fastest class to farm Act1 MP1 (budget)?

    Flux, that's great advice! You made me realize that I was losing way too much money on small and -really- unneeded upgrades. I think I'll try to gear up my WD to be able to safely do MP1 runs and start to stack up my savings. Thank you all again!


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