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    Old player returning to old game, looking for new friends

    Hey everyone, I'm Zach. Been playing D2 since it was first released, mostly on and off though. I know the game pretty well and I'm mostly looking for other friendly people to play alongside. I have been a long time member over at The Amazon Basin and have had many great times with the people there but lately, its been slow and difficult to find others to game with.

    My 2 favorite classes are the Assassin and the Druid. I've played every well known build for each class as well as some lesser known ones and some that most people would just laugh at but its always in good fun. Otherwise, what's the point? Always enjoy a good group game that has certain rules or restrictions set on it too. Hope to see some of you in game soon. I've been playing West softcore non-ladder lately as I have a bit of wealth there but used to play East hardcore ladder exclusively. I can be easily convinced to start playing where ever is the most popular.

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    Re: Old player returning to old game, looking for new friends

    Welcome to the forums you might want to post here, the Player Matchup Forum, as you will get more attention.


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