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    Re: Probably the best community in the world

    It just feels right to be part of this community. Thanks everybody!

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    Re: Probably the best community in the world

    Quote Originally Posted by Sutekh View Post
    Have to agree with this. Played with Vegameister today (Lord_Vega I think) and he generously donated an item to me, and directed me to these forums. I have not played in 4 months and do not know anyone on hardcore. Seems like a real nice community. Look forward to meeting new HC players .
    After having gotten so many great items, awesome advice, leveling service and just great companionship from other members here, I am glad I could help a little bit with that Zuni Pox, my friend!

    Sutekh is a really great dude, everybody! Feel free to add him to your friend list!


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