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    Problem with connecting to

    I've had this message on our Facebook page. My advice to him was to use the CD if he had it and that I thought (if memory serves) that we HAD to have the CD in D1 to connect to

    Hi IncGamers.
    I really need help with the Diablo 1 Battlenet.
    I am unable to join others & others are unable to join me.
    "Latency is too high".
    Could you explain to me why or is it simply that you need the cd in order to join others games in battlenet.
    I am running Diablo 1 with the ISO-file.
    Could that be the problem & the CD the solution?
    Anyone had any advice?
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    Re: Problem with connecting to

    Happened to a friend, had to use gameranger instead which worked fine


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