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    Re: D3X Level 70? New Barb Skills?

    Well... now that I think of it I can think of some new skills that a Barbarian could find useful.

    Being that originally, before the Crusader was even talked about, and Inferno was extremely hard with the whole brickwall of difficulty and death, a lot of Barbarians had to play extremely defensively with a shield, in order to survive the content. Being that Blizzard is showing that things can be done with shields, I believe that Barbarians should get some shield-based skills.

    Things like:

    Block Mastery (Passive) = Increases Block Chance by 10% and increases shield block value by 50%

    Shield Slam = Slam the target with your shield dealing 150% Weapon Damage and stunning the target for 1 second. 10 Fury Cost

    Shield Block = Raise your shield and increase your block chance by 10% for 5 seconds. 25 Fury Cost

    Changes to Current Passives:

    1) Pound of Flesh = Increases chance to find a health globe by 50%, increases healing from health globes by 100% and gain 10 Fury when picking up a health globe.

    2) Nerves of Steel = Increases armor by 100% of your vitality and you are immune to mind-control effects (fear, charm, confusion, etc)

    NOTE: I would think someone with nerves of steel wouldn't flee in terror, or become affected by mind-affecting attacks. Just my two cents.

    3) Weapons Master = Swords/Daggers (+15% IAS), Maces (10% CC), Spears (50% CD), Mighty Weapons (+4 Fury and +15% Damage)

    NOTE: This is changed as swords/daggers usually attack faster anyway, spears are great at piercing a target deep hence the CD, and Mighty Weapons are bigger and nastier looking so they get high fury and bonus damage; otherwise very few touch mighty weapons for the main hand.

    4) Berserker Rage = Wrath of the Berserker and Battle Rage lasts 100% longer and their positive effects are increased by 25% (ie if you normally get +10% damage, with this ability you'd get 12.5% damage)

    NOTE: Its changed from maximum fury as this prevents you from using any fury spenders, and hence makes this passive useless.

    5) Animosity = Increases fury generation by 25% and increases maximum fury by 25

    NOTE: The change is to make the passive more interesting and more likely to be chosen as a build changer.

    6) Superstition = Reduces all non-physical damage by 33%, have a chance to gain 5 fury when hit by a magical ability AND you cannot receive magical buffs from shrines OR allies. Nonmagical buffs (like a Mantra) is fine.

    NOTE: Superstition is a great ability, but I'd think that if you are superstitious you'd avoid magic in as many forms as you could, hence the major change. Also makes this passive a build changer.

    7) Tough as Nails = Increases armor by 25%, increases thorns damage by 50% AND any thorns damage gives an additional 25% armor (ie, so if you did normally 1000 thorns, with this ability, you'd deal 1500 thorns, AND the thorns damage would grant 375 armor (1500 / 4 = 375))

    NOTE: As thorns damage isn't useful yet... this change would make thorns useful as a defensive measure for a more tankish build in Hardcore.

    8) No Escape = You become immune to movement impairing effects, your movement impairing effects that you inflict on others have their duration doubled (+100%), increases the damage of Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear by 50%, and finally, the fury cost of Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear is removed.

    NOTE: This is to make a throwing barb build viable for those who'd like it.

    9) Relentless = When below 50% of maximum health, all fury spenders require 33% less fury and you take 25% less damage.

    NOTE: True the extra bonuses are reduced, but the effect activates much sooner making the passive much better in the long run.

    10) Brawler = As long as there is at least 3 enemies within 15 yds, your damage is increased by 50%

    NOTE: I don't know of anyone who uses this. Maybe buffing up the range of it and the damage will make it viable for some people.

    11) Juggernaut = You become immune to all loss of control effects or crowd-control effects (ie Frozen, Terrify, Charm, etc). In addition you have a chance to recover 10% of your maximum life when you would normally be hit by these effects.

    NOTE: Since many love WOTB because it makes them immune to CC and loss of control effects, having this passive may encourage others to try out other builds instead.

    12) Unforgiving = You no longer degenerate fury, gain 2 fury per second and deal +25% damage to any target that has hit you within 2 seconds

    13) Boon of Bul-Kathos = Removes the cooldown on Earthquake, Call of the Ancients OR Wrath of the Berserker

    NOTE: Very few touch these passives despite the cooldown reduction in these skills. Its just that other passives are better than these skills for the most part, and thats why they don't bother with it. A complete reduction in cooldown may encourage people to try out builds with Earthquake or Call of the Ancients or Wrath of the Berserker with different Rune Combinations.
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    Re: D3X Level 70? New Barb Skills?

    (Yes I know double post, but this is a different idea)

    Though the thing is, the barbarian doesn't feel like a barbarian in combat. Being that I beat Diablo 1 as the Warrior and Diablo 2 as the Barbarian, and both of them felt like their namesake. Here though in Diablo 3... Like combat can feel visceral and is generally a smoother experience but, its not quite the same. Doesn't help either when you feel obligated to HAVE to play WW/RLTW build in order to do the content. Thats not really fun. Theres so many skills that appear at first glance to be extremely interesting (ie Seismic Slam, Furious Charge, Leap, Call of the Ancients, etc...) and effective at changing combat up for a Barbarian. However, most of these skills just don't have any... oomph, I suppose you could say. Personally, I think they should give some oomph to the current skills (and not just percentage changes for Weapon Damage but actual changes) before they focus on adding new ones. Plus, the new skills may have no oomph either and we'll be stuck with the current build. I think that they should focus on the current skills, learn what makes the current skills have oomph and then take that understanding forward and make new skills with oomph.

    Things that could give oomph would be:
    -> Increasing area of effects
    -> Increasing duration of special effects (ie Stun, Movement Impairment, etc)
    -> Increasing proc chances (ie increasing Bash's Stun chance from 20% to 50%)
    -> Adding new special effects to skills (ie Blind, Confusion, Fear, etc)
    -> Making certain affixes useful for a skill (ie Making Thorns damage useful for Ignore Pain)
    -> Creating skill synergies where if you have two skills equipped, one may give a bonus to the other simply because it is in your build
    -> Reducing cooldowns or reducing fury costs

    Damage is nice I suppose too, but damage doesn't really make things interesting.

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    Re: D3X Level 70? New Barb Skills?

    Rampage: mix of Diablo 2 Paladins Zeal & Cleave


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