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    I don't see the Crusader being that effective

    In a game where DPS and the speed in which you can move from mob to mob is all that matters, I don't see the Crusader being that effective compared to the existing characters.

    The main theme of the Crusader is being a tank, but unless the Crusader can move from mob to mob with Fallen Sword and then spam Blessed Hammers, no one is going to switching from their WW barbs.

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    Re: I don't see the Crusader being that effective

    If we're lucky WW barbs will get hit hard enough with the nerf bat that they aren't the best at everything in the game. I believe the devs said that perma-WotB was not intended and is game-breaking so expect something to change.

    Besides, it's a new class, everyone will play it at least once.

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    Re: I don't see the Crusader being that effective

    From an objective point of view, crusader seems to be pretty hyped and will probably be sub-par, there's no real synergy on what we have seen from now, seems like a bad monk, unless there's a way of like you say to "teleport" with fallen sword and clear quick enough.

    Anyway there's no WW barbs in the foreseeable future unless a new item allows to generate fury faster than current barbs without into the fray.

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    Re: I don't see the Crusader being that effective

    I think a lot of it will depend on how the movement speed caps end up working, both with the 2h wep as a 1h wep Crusader passive, as well as with the new paragon point system where you can boost movement speed, and finally if there is any change to move speed caps.

    It's really too early to know how the Crusader kill speed will stack up with other classes in RoS, but I'd have to assume they wouldn't create a class which is simply overmatched in kill speed. The very intentional move of bringing back some old favorites like Blessed Hammer and FoH tell me the Crusader will have some pretty efficient offensive skills. They have also indicated they would like to see more of a shift towards strategic play and balance between offense/defense, rather than just stacking huge DPS and life steal as most do now. To me, the style of the Crusader will mesh well with that style of play.

    I wasn't a huge Paladin fan in D2, but I'm looking forward to a non-barb strength class in D3!


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