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    Warhammer 40K Mafia Game Thread

    "In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, there is only war mafia."

    This is the game thread for our latest mafia game. It is themed with Warhammer 40K, a tabletop game and fictional universe owned by Games Workshop.

    The game starts promptly on August 25th at 5:00pm EST, and will start with a 72 hour 'twilight' phase where votes will not be counted and no lynch will occur. After that the game will proceed as normal, alternating between night and day phases.

    Game Rules:

    Win Conditions:

    Moderator Involvement:

    Players signed up to play this game:

    • pharphis
    • BipolarChemist
    • Phillinicus
    • Bad Ash
    • crawlingdeadman
    • flubbucket
    • Goryani
    • Drixx
    • ThunderCat
    • Sathoris
    • Jcakes
    • Pyrotechnician
    • Jason Maher
    • Gwaihir
    • djmbanddie
    • Zauper
    • Numbers
    • kestegs
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    Re: Warhammer 40K Mafia Game Thread

    Twilight Ends.

    Day One Begins.
    Day One Ends.

    Day Two Begins.
    Day Two Ends.

    Day Three Begins.
    Day Three Ends.

    Day Four Begins.
    Day Four Ends.

    Day Five Begins.
    Day Five Ends.

    Day Six Begins.
    Day Six Ends. End of Game.

    Current Live Players:

    Current Dead Players:

    Vote History:

    End of Game Stuff!
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    Re: Warhammer 40K Mafia Game Thread

    About seven years ago, I wrote a short story for another site's fiction writing contest. I composed a story called 'Outpost Sixteen' which took second place out of around eight entries. I recently stumbled across my old handi-work, and decided to expand upon it a bit via mafia.



    "Start from the beginning, Guardsman. I want to know everything that transpired."

    "Y-y-yes... s-s-sir. Well, the Captain had lost contact with a patrol unit about 25 klicks north of the FOB. Our unit, the 'Mud Grunts', as he liked to call us, were dispatched to investigate."


    Guardsman Ignace coughed into his hand reflexively, which drew the stares from at least a dozen of his companions. Even the Sergeant glared menacingly, and in hushed whispers scolded him.

    "What part of 'Stealth Recon Mission' doesn't make sense to you, Guardsman?" The Sergeant was a grizzled, weathered man. The stereotypical kind of officer that you expect to strike equal parts fear and respect into the men in his charge. Even at a soft whisper his voice carried weight, like a landslide of small pebbles that could easily dislodge any boulders in their path.

    "Sorry, sir." Ignace looked sheepish, but resumed his watch. Ignace was a good fellow, but could often forget where he was at times. It was a habit that the Sergeant was trying to break him of.

    Guardsman Carmine sidled up to the Sergeant, tapped him thrice on the shoulder to get his attention, and then signed in the sloppy, quick communication of hand signals that the Mud Grunts had invented for themselves.

    "It would help if we knew what we were avoiding notice from, Sergeant." Carmine's fingers flashed furiously. "With all due respect, of course." A single cupped hand in a slow, slashing arch conveyed the last thought.

    Sergeant sighed, saw that nearly all the eyes were upon him, and nodded. "Fine," he signed back at nobody in particular. "Bravo Squad was sent to an outpost two klicks north of our current position. There was suspicion of Xenos infestation. Specifically, a Genestealer Cult from the nearby hive city."

    A few eyes glimmered, and a couple of the newest recruits audibly gasped before remembering the Act of Silence. The veterans, though. The ones who had been around for a while? We had faced Genestealer Cults before. Horrible things, but with judicious use of Holy Flamers and Stubbers they were broken apart just like any other sack of meat. The hardest part was locating the damned nests, and it seemed like that had already been done beforehand. So what happened to Bravo Squad?

    The Sergeant seemed to have read my thoughts. "That's what we're to find out, Guardsmen."


    Twilight has started. It ends in roughly 72 hours from now, on Wednesday the 28th. No votes will be counted during this phase, and no lynch will occur.

    13:41 PST: All role PMs are out. If you don't have one, let me know ASAP. Players can start posting immediately. I'll update the opening story shortly.
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    Re: Warhammer 40K Mafia Game Thread

    Well, in seems we don't even know who we are fighting yet. For those who know the lore, are there a lot of options? Do you think the genestealer cult would act as an actual cult?

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    Re: Warhammer 40K Mafia Game Thread

    Oh, twilight started.


    (no I don't know any lore this time)

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    Re: Warhammer 40K Mafia Game Thread

    I also know nothing about the 40k world.

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    Re: Warhammer 40K Mafia Game Thread

    The only thing I know about 40k is that they have some really cool designs and the miniatures can be f'n cool to look at. *Goes to read about the lore*

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    Re: Warhammer 40K Mafia Game Thread

    I know nothing and am exhausted from driving these two days from Houston back to Cleveland. Night all.

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    Re: Warhammer 40K Mafia Game Thread

    Who even reads anymore?

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    Re: Warhammer 40K Mafia Game Thread

    CG is a cultist. I read it in a magazine.

    O, and I heard that 40k is Jay Wilson's favorite game.


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