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Thread: Custom Class's?

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    Question Custom Class's?

    Hi, im new to these forums, i like diablo II(LoD), but i would like to create my own class, i know i most likely will need to edit a class that is already created, and thats ok with me, i just don't know how to, plus i searched for custom class's and found nothing that has to do with creating a use-able class, so im asking on the only forums i could find(i could have scrolled down, but here i am), im hoping someone can help me with this little project.

    The basics of what i wanna do is, take some skills from almost every class and put it into one class, like necro summoning skills and sorceress AoE skills, some Paladin buff skills and maybe some Druid skills and make the ultimate class.

    My hopes are that this is possible, thanks for checking this thread out.

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    Re: Custom Class's?

    I don't know anything about making mods myself, but there are some out there that are great and have done what you seem to be looking for. Look up the median XL mod.

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    Re: Custom Class's?

    The official version of D2 supplies no tools to do this. Someone may have a mod. No idea tho.


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