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    Pricing a Stone of Jordan

    Recently got an SoJ but finding it relatively impossible to find prices to compare it to using the AH. Has the following:

    6% Cold dmg
    +15 AP
    20% dmg to elites
    6% energy twister crit

    I know that cold damage is wanted for WW barbs, but not sure how true that stands for wizards. Do they even have an interest in SoJ or just use something else entirely? If this isn't a good roll, then what would be?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Re: Pricing a Stone of Jordan

    Spectral Blades is the only wizard skill can apply SoJ's elemental damage type, so wizards usually do not care about what type it is (source). The SoJ you have there might be of interest to CM wizards farming for essences, but the elite damage% roll is sadly the lowest possible.


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