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    Re: D3X Your Hero and the State of the Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Mn_Swe2 View Post
    As post on front page says right now, they will calculate your total amount of Paragon EXP (not points) into Paragon 2.0 points. So a P100 will be worth around 5 x P50.
    Yeah, I saw, makes sense. I'm on the fence on keeping your paragon points after you die though...

    Strangely enough I cannot remember much about LoD items, although I solo'd the game with Sorceress and Druid (stun bear ftw) all the way. I remember rune words being extremely OP, and of course shako's and vampire gazes hehe.

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    Re: D3X Your Hero and the State of the Game

    I'm putting all my HC characters on hold until I hear what exactly is going to happen with archived heroes possibly contributing to paragon level. I'll go back to strictly HC once sharagon is live. Too risky with the state my computer is in right now, and I don't want to invest time into a character that won't count towards my paragon level because he died a day before the update.


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