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    How to stream Diablo 2

    How to stream Diablo 2

    Hey there people, just wanted to share some of information that I have gathered in past few days, while trying to effectively stream Diablo 2. I don't know how much of you are into Diablo 2 streaming, but anyway it might help someone, or it even might incite someone to become a Diablo 2 streamer.

    First of all, main problem is that Diablo 2 is old game, which runs under DirectX8, and many of free streming programs can't do nothing about it. So the only solution is to make the game windowed mode and then maximize and capture the window using software. Software I choose for streaming is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), and will include it in this guide. For other software there might be some slight variations, so I can't guarantee success with them.

    So, let's just run through the prerequisites:
    1. Decent PC that can handle real time video compresison.
    2. Decent internet, that can handle uploading the stream. Mine is 1.5Mb/s, but I believe that 1Mb/s should work too. I am uploading in 720p resolution (native resolution 1440x900, scaled down to 1152x720), and I have no problems with upload or quality.
    3. Account on one of the streaming websites (I use Twitch for my purposes, choice is up to you)
    4. Streaming software (I choose OBS because it's free and it works like a charm for me)
    5. AutoHotkey software to make the game fullscreen and borderless).
      1. Script for AutoHotkey that will actually do it (will be provided at the end of guide)

    6. Diablo 2 (no one saw this one coming, right?)

    Before we dig into the rest of guide, we need just a bit of preparing to do. We need to make our Diablo 2 start in window mode, which can be achieved by altering the desktop shortcut. All you need to do is to add "-w" behind location of exe file in Target field:

    Now, I won't dive into setting up the OBS, but I will provide screenshots of my settings for it:

    Also, the script for AHK is here:

    To use the script after installing AutoHotkey, select all code above, paste it in there and change "RESOLUTION_WIDTH, RESOLUTION_HEIGHT" in lines 32 and 42 to match your resolution.

    Dont forget that your keyboard shortcuts for using AutoHotkey are:
    • Ctrl + Alt + f
    • Ctrl + Alt + g
    • Ctrl + Alt + h

    Now start Diablo 2 from your window mode icon, and leave it be for a second.
    Switch back to OBS and do the following:
    1. In Scenes area rightclick, and select Add Scene (name it however you want.)
    2. In Sources area rightclick, and choose Add >> Window Capture (name it however you want)
      1. Select Diablo II as window you want to stream

    3. Click on Preview Stream button, activate your Diablo 2 window and you should see the game in Preview Pane.
    4. If you can see Diablo 2 normally, switch back to Diablo and perform series of hotkeys to make it fullscreen and borderless, in order shown above (Ctrl + Alt + f, Ctrl + Alt + g, Ctrl + Alt + h)
    5. You should be good to go and farm like a boss now

    Here's video tutorial for those lazy to read:

    Also, once more the links:
    1. Autohotkey:
    2. OBS:
    3. AHK Script: (you can download it from here or copy from CODE tags above, do as you see fit)

    And here's how it looks like when streamed.
    Thanx for reading this, I hope I will soon see some fellow streamers
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    Re: How to stream Diablo 2

    Well, since this is hanging here for a while, and nobody deleted it, I guess it's okay with forum rules
    So, if anyone has something to say, hereby I (as rightful OP) unchain this thread for further posting!

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