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    Re: Inferno Runes(TM)

    Divine being (in its infinite wisdom!) did that, under point III! I, Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, The God, state that Familiar is indeed a passive-like skill, and pondered a while about putting it under 'passives', too, but then opted not to, because skill could be made interesting, if bonuses are made interesting enough to have - which they are not - and how the skill is brutalized by such a huge bonus of +12% dps to one rune.

    Inferno runes(TM) are just a band-aid, modifying existing best-in-class rune to an extent, in order to create alternative to the those one-skill ponies, as the Familiar is. They are easy to think of and easy to implement in a patch, without extensive testing through PTR, which complete fixing would doubtlessly require. For skills which already have multiple uses, a elemental damage type is implemented, to keep consistency. Also, they are award for playing Inferno, since Blizzard provided none. Last reason for adding Inferno-only rune is not breaking leveling phase (Blizzard seems to stick to this, even at huge price of sacrificing endgame diversity) - so this is applicable even in current conditions.

    Divine being agrees that many Wizard skills are broken, basically true to any class, as well as passives. Low number of effective builds is caused by this, not "fact that players will always find most-effective build", as stated by Blizzard - divine being is positive that 6+3 system can have several builds ranging between 90-100% efficiency, while being radically different and skills close to 90% could be circumstantial, for PvP or multiplayer or utilized when certain items are used.

    Is The God optimistic about D3 future? Sadly, no. But there is a way out of death-spiral, only that it's not followed...

    [The God is pleased with conversation quality in this community. The God bestows a minor blessing to entire forum !]

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    Re: Inferno Runes(TM)

    It would be cool to be able to choose a percentage of each runes, like 50% of increased dps, 20% of ls, 10% of AOE and 20% of DOT. Not very casual friendly but fun. I agree with yovargas about the active passive.


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