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Thread: Whynots FT list

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    Whynots FT list

    So after getting help from the forums (thanks T-bone) to getting random help in game, to hours and hours of hard work (probably not the best use of my time) I am now back in diablo, and definitely in this season. Heres my FT list, right now im mainly looking for runes Um and up, and 7mfscs , and even more so 7mfscs with poison or fire resistance.

    18/11 Griffons
    12/10 Eth Treks
    11/11 Eth Treks
    (x2) Spidersash belts -both 100%+ ed
    4 BO CTA - Crystal Sword
    Andariels Visage- 9ll
    17 med eth CV
    35 res eth hoto in flail
    White monarchs (many)
    Eth Collossus Voulge
    HOZ- 189 ED
    13ed Phase blad (white)
    10ed Superior mage plate
    2 passive 20ias 3 mana stolen LR 28 gloves
    many shakos (eth as well)

    225 20 raven
    2 assasin amulet 6FCR 3 dex 36 life 18 mana CR 26 6FCR
    2 Assasin amulet 10 FCR 5 energy 27 Life all resist 12, 25 poison resist
    21 Maras
    19/18 Barb Torch
    10fcr Ring with 9 strength 21 mana 25 LR 8 FR
    BK ring - 4ll
    5/5 fire level faccet
    3 elemental 10 fcr amulet

    100 pdsc 10% gold find
    Cold GC
    Fire GCS
    Jav with with 2 max dmg GC
    lightning gc with 4 dex

    Ill update more later tonight, but thats whats on my main trading character

    Looking for:
    7mfsc with pois/fir (or any res for that matter)
    Lo and Ohm runes
    Ebugged 4os AP
    Eth Armors that can be ebugged
    any crappy anni
    any crappy ptorch
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    Re: Whynots FT list

    Alot of updates. This list will be updated again in a sec


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