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    Dreamhack (the superevent, not some illegal program)


    for those of you who don't know what Dreamhack is, in a nutshell:
    "10-15k people playing an epic lan party in some gargantuas warehouse in Sweden"
    (google if you want more info)

    for those of you who have been to Dreamhack, a few questions:
    - is it worth going to Sweden for a few days only?
    - which games did you play?
    - did you go with a big group, or with a friend/familymember/smallgroup?
    - are there things you should consider bringing what aren't on the suggested list?
    - did you get any sleep, or did you stay at your computer for 3 days?
    - is it any fun if you don't participate in the tournaments, iow, can you host private games?
    - anything else you'd like to share?

    Looking forward to hearing from all the peeps who've been there (or want to go there)!
    I've first read about this event a few years ago, and plan to go there atleast once when my son is old enough

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    Re: Dreamhack (the superevent, not some illegal program)

    Hey mate!

    Ive been to dreamhack 3 times. And it has always been a blast!!

    Its pretty big event, so you have to decide for yourself if its worth the money. There are tournaments, and lots of LAN play there, competitions of all kinds etc.

    I played mainly Dota2, Starcraft 2 and had some fooling around with a big group of D2 enthusiasts aswell!

    I went there with 3 close friends last time. And thats usually what I do, friends or family.

    Whats the suggested things you should bring? I had my coffee cup, a thermos. And an extra pillow.
    I was there almost 70 hours straight last time, and I slept maybe 5-7 hours each "night" ( ), but its a good thing to bring earplugs.

    I believe there are ways to create private games. Host games. But you have to check with the organizers about that.

    Well, as already mentioned, Ive been there 3 times. And I will be back aswell. Not this year, but for sure in the future.
    I live here in sweden, so its alot easier for me to get there. And cheaper too, but Id imagine Id go there anyways, even if I lived abroad.

    But its alot funnier to have someone you know there. Or at least is a very social person, there are alot of nice people there!

    Peace and love

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    Re: Dreamhack (the superevent, not some illegal program)

    Sweet ^^

    You wouldn't happen to have some nice pictures / small video shots orso?

    PS: I just noticed I appearantly put this in the wrong forum, guess I should have chosen the offtopic ^^


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