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    Re: Forum Mini-Mafia: The Room Tribute Game

    Hey lovelies. Finally we get to be a team instead of me and pyro over and over. - Pharphis from Mafia Thread

    Hey! Whats wrong with being on a team with me!? I'm a great mafiso. =P
    Quote Originally Posted by Vivi View Post
    Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day. Set him on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life.

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    Re: Forum Mini-Mafia: The Room Tribute Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Goryani View Post
    Thanks for hosting BipolarChemist! Grats to mafia.

    Gwaihir so scummy! It started as a suspicion when he said made that very detailed case during the night and he was cemented as scum as soon as Drixx flipped cop. That level of thought during the night comes from a power role (cop) or scum looking for power roles. Gwaihir couldn't be cop so scum it is. I haven't read the mafia chat yet, but I'll bet all the lint in my pockets that mafia discussed whether or not Drixx was a cop and those arguments were in that discussion. On top of that, he didn't seem too interested in learning who was or wasn't townie. Make cases he did. Probe for reads he did not.
    Yikes, Didn't realize I was that scummy sounding. Glad no one else saw it. Didn't think about the fact that town really doesn't get all the info until morning.

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    Re: Forum Mini-Mafia: The Room Tribute Game

    I can't help that I'm spammy!
    Leave me alone!


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