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    Re: More Visual Character Customization in Diablo 3?

    To think that they are spending time on such things, when the game needs many other vital fixes since the release ... If you want such feature, do it, no problem for me (even if I will surely not use it), but only after the game will be finally very fun and challenging to play. Thanks!

    The problem about the visual aspect of the items is not their apparence but, as someone has mentioned before, the itemization itself since only lvl 62 and lvl 63 items are worth something. That's why the 90-95% of game items will be never seen on a character after he starts (to farm) Inferno.
    And making basically all the skills DPS depending and their lack of any kind of depth/customization, doesn't make the things better. But Blizzard have reached something with this, that all charachters of the same class are the same (stats and skills) once leveled up and that they will look basically the same (in the very end, the gear that matters is largely accessibile thanks to the AH). Only self found characters can look differently, but after a while even they start to look more or less like any other end game character.

    So, fix the core issues of the game and you will fix at the same time other (much less important) issues like the Visual Character Customization.

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    Nothing cringeworthy?? Did you ever reach level 60??? Who gives a sh*t if I wanna run around lookin a little low-ish level. You do? F*ck you then. Lemme do what I want to do and stop gettin your panties in a bunch over it. There\'re tons of vanishing-dyed \'toons\' runnin around naked lookin already, anyway. And secondly, why would it make sense for people to dye or \'transmogrify\' their stuff into higher level gear anyways? It doesn\'t.


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    It\'s not that they would need to make entire new system to that, more like expand die system. In case of non legendary, if you could change look to any tier lower than items actual, I\'m all for that.

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    That\'s because PoE is awesome game, and buying cosmetics is just a final layer on top of a great game.

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    I didn\'t know you could dye legendaries.

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    You can\'t yet, though they keep saying they\'re working on that for the future since legendaries have unique textures and such and it requires individual attention from the artists, rather than just a palette shift.

    You can use disappearing dye on them, though. So they\'re on or off, but not adjustable, yet.

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    Re: More Visual Character Customization in Diablo 3?

    I convinced myself that Lacunis + rare pants are better than rare bracers (I'm bad at crafting) + inna's pants and used Vanishing Dye on Ice Climbers. I have more EHP now due to my fashion stress...

    Please, drop white or black ink on my blue suede shoes...

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    Re: More Visual Character Customization in Diablo 3?

    Quote Originally Posted by DiabloCalibur View Post
    Let me change my iLvl 63 "rare pants" appearance to that of another rare pants, please. I thought that's why they were all generically named "rare ____" in the first place - so we could do such things.

    Also, appearance matters to me. So much so that it is a decider in my end game gear. I can find a tiny bit of enjoyment in trying to put together good gear while also having a cohesive and cool look. Although when I can't find a configuration that fulfills both, it gets frustrating.
    Doesn't matter quite as much, but mostly I agree. If you're spending 1000+ hours playing a character, customization is a nice bonus.

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    I\'m almost positive it was intended to be a Mystic function.

    And I\'m almost positive it\'s still intended to be a Mystic function.

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    PoE is also a F2P game and a cosmetic shop is perfectly reasonable.
    Hopefully they aren\'t considering more monetisation in a game that already sells at a rrp higher than most other games and in such huge numbers.


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