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    Best strategy to get nice boots.

    Hi all,

    Hope I post in the proper forum.

    I actually use Aldur's boots (on my mf Trapsin):
    - Indestructible
    - 40% Faster Run/Walk
    - +180 Maximum Stamina
    - 10% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
    - Heal Stamina Plus +32%
    - +50 To Life
    - Fire Resist +40-50% (varies)

    What I use in these boots are : Frw, Fire Resist (because I use a Spirit Shield) and Life.

    I'd like to have better boots, I mean that will have :
    Frw, Fire Resist, Life (or Vitality) and in addition Magic Find and optionnaly Mana (or Mana regeneration).

    My question is : what is the best strategy to get them ?
    - crafting in which case what kind of craft (Blood, Caster or Safety) ?
    Blood Boots : 10-20 life fixed effect
    Caster Boots : 10 -20 mana, regenerate mana, increase max mana fixed effects
    Safety Boots : fire res, mdr, pdr fixed effects
    - gambling ?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Re: Best strategy to get nice boots.

    I'd go for crafting. I had some luck with safety boots for my amazon some time ago. Why safety? Well, Ort runes and PEmeralds in abundance - wasted all Hit power and Blood runes and gems.

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    Re: Best strategy to get nice boots.

    What about tri res boots with mf? I find them aplenty (rares) doing AT runs and CS runs etc.


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