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    Question How to get Hell-ready (solo ladder pure)


    I have a lvl 61 hammerdin. I was planning on entering hell on lvl ~70. But I do need 75-80 all res first plus I want at least 1k life.
    I play ladder but only solo. So no trading, no muling, no boosting, etc. Just solo and pure. Can you guys advise me a bit about what items I should get please? I'm limited to nightmare difficulty and act 1 hell countess at some point. But the worldstone level 2-3 are slightly risky depending on the random spawn.
    I completed all stat/skill quests so far.

    My main concerns for hell:
    - exploding dolls (about 1k damage each if they crit I read on hell?). The only defense against this is either to stay away or to have a crap lot of life afaik. They always ignore my mercenary and just run to me :(. On nm they do about 500 damage when the explode right next to you.
    - moon lords. Even on nightmare 1 combo from them does about 500-600 damage if it crits. On hell it will be... sick.
    - my mercenary won't be able to tank/survive.
    - My hammer damage should probably be about 6k+ right?
    - How hard are fire enchanted nerfed now in the last patch? I remember having a full fire-resistant paladin on hell ancients hc with lots and lots of hp dying instantly vs that fire enchanted ancient when it died... Is it now possible to survive something like that?

    My gear:
    - Spirit sword (runeword)
    - Ancients pledge dragon shield (71% block chance)
    - +19 all res amulet
    - +22 all res circlet
    - rings: give a bit life, mana and 28 total res (not all res)
    - belt: 56 life, 8 cold res, 15 poison res, and some other stats
    - frostburn
    - 12 charms with life, faster recovery and all res.
    - DarkGlow (10 all res, +5 max all res)

    I'm still looking for a 4 socketed aerin shield for spirit but no luck so far. Only blue ones... And yes my rings suck but I can't find any better... I found like 20 unique bows but no decent ring.

    For my stats see the attachment (Hell). Note that I can have up to 80% max res due to my unique armor

    Mercenary (act 2 nm defensive):
    - insight runeword (bill)
    - rockfleece
    - darksight helm
    - Res: 44/14/14/14 (very bad!)
    - ~600-1400 dps with my aura
    - 1k life

    Thanks for reading.
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    Re: How to get Hell-ready (solo ladder pure)

    1/ Dolls : when you are higher level and when your merc is tougher, the dolls stop going to you and your merc can do the job.
    2/ Dolls : try Sanctuary aura.
    3/ Lvl 61 is a bit low to start Hell. I'm not used to Pala but with other classes, I never start hell before lvl 70-75 ; the only exception is a necro-summoner.

    I'll suggest you keep on running WSK in NM (even CS could be profitable) to get some more lvls and eventually better stuff.

    Therafter, once you are in Hell, and before going to the following acts, try the act1 lvl 85 areas if you can handle them ;and if you do so, them farm there !

    Hope this helps you.

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    Re: How to get Hell-ready (solo ladder pure)


    Thanks yes that helped.

    I'm now farming in Hell act 1. Running the countess was somewhat dangerous because of the ranged (slow me and hit hard) and physical immunes (they eat my merc).
    I added an updated image of my new stats in hell. Still no 4 socketed shield :(.

    I'm simply trying to beat hardcore (baal hell) with an untwinked, solo character on ladder b-net pure (no muling) with a class other than necro/assassin to prevent 'passive play'.

    I just saw that I posted this topic in the wrong forum... Should be the strategy forum but ok.

    Just entered Act III Hell . A very dangerous act... :(
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    Re: How to get Hell-ready (solo ladder pure)

    Silverdash, I just wanted to comment and say what you are doing is awesome. I'm doing the EXACT same thing current with a zealot. However, he's eventual intention is to do ubers with self found gear only. As a fellow HC player, I would mention one thing off your screen if you are still alive and using him.... Please use HS. Yes the gear you need eventually is a bit str heavy but I cannot emphasize enough for pally's (and barb if played) to have +5k in defense. With just really basic (including treachery base armour which is low def instead of the duress I eventually want to make), and mid types of shields you can easily reach 4-5k. And as a zealot, I run 20HS/20Def and I have 8k+ which makes me dodge whatever I don't block. The only issue I ever run into is amp just due to the lack of DR even after fade proc. Anyways, I really hope you have managed to make it all the way. I was completely defeated from my D2 retirement run when I self ran a campaign last ladder, made a legit self found grief (cubed 4 puls for mal) had monster DR and got trap/lagged in the house while smiting mephisto and got one hit.


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