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Thread: Need Pul and Um

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    Need Pul and Um

    Need both of them eventually, but the pul is more of a priority. Got several items to trade, such as a lidless wall(+113% ED and +5 mana per kill), magefist(+20 ED), +2 curse necro ammy, +2 passive and magic amazon ammy, several Pgems, and Eth and non eth stormspike, a 4s poleaxe and a 5s grim scythe. Also some random set items, none of which are really that good. Not much else besides that except a load of lower runes. Also forgot to mention im in Ladder.

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    Re: Need Pul and Um

    I managed to get an Um from my hell forge, which, idk, is that good or bad? who knows. Anyways im willing to part with it for any eth 4 soc polearm, if thats wha tyou have for trade.

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    Re: Need Pul and Um

    I'll throw an ethereal Colossus Voulge on the mule I PM'd to you. It doesn't have sockets but is guaranteed to get 4 if you socket it using the Larzuk socket quest.


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